Perth Web Design – What is It?

Now in its eighteenth year, the Internet has advanced to the point where pages are fast, functional and in many cases, replacing traditional modes of information, service and product delivery. Behind the scenes are web designers generating content for all sorts of different purposes. Companies thrive on the websites they create and even local municipalities and governments are utilising HTML design skills. Although building a website to keep up with today’s market is very complex, it is based on some very simple concepts. Designers like Good Good, offering Perth web design, use their mastery of these concepts to your advantage, helping your business establish itself in the online world. Utilising a CMS such as WordPress will make the end user’s requirement of a “self managed website” a breeze.

HTML—The Language of the Web

The first version of HTML, or hyper text mark-up language, was created about two decades ago, and has not changed much since its inception. Web designers build web pages using HTML tags, which are interpreted by a browser and subsequently displayed on your screen. In essence, HTML is the language web browsers like Safari or Internet Explorer use to display web content. HTML has not changed much; however, there are new document and file types in use by web developers today, such as CSS, or cascading style sheets, which allow designers to manipulate the way HTML is interpreted and displayed by a browser.

What does web design entail?

There are many options for web design in Perth, ranging from a large firm to an independent contractor or sole proprietor. Designers carry out duties such as assisting in determining a client’s goals for a website or suggesting some strategies that have worked for others. They also come up with a theme or layout for a client’s site and then undertake tasks such as building HTML and CSS pages, uploading them to the internet and performing maintenance on the site. Some Perth web design companies simply offer templates for users to fill in and develop themselves. Others, like Perth-based Good Good, are with you from beginning to end—designing and hosting your website, working on search engine optimisation, writing content for your website, and helping you to develop a web business strategy that works for you.

How does it all work?

The Internet, in its most basic form, is simply many computers connected together and communicating with one another. When you look up a certain webpage, your browser reads the HTML and associated documents and displays the content contained in the page accordingly. Making sure the browser can “read” your website correctly is a large part of what a design company like Good Good will do for a client.

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