Becoming a Perth Wedding Celebrant – A Rewarding and Romantic Career

Are you looking for a way to make extra income or a retirement career?  Becoming a Perth wedding celebrant is fun way to make some extra money while helping couples tie the knot.  Western Australia government regulates the certification of wedding celebrants through the office of the Registrar of Wedding Celebrants.  After all requirements are met, the Registrar must approve applicants wishing to enter the profession as qualified to perform marriage ceremonies.  Wedding celebrants are not the same as registry office ceremonies.  They are an alternative to religious church ceremonies that can be performed at any location.

Becoming a Perth wedding celebrant is a straightforward experience.  The Australian government website has the steps laid out in an easy way to understand.  Australian wedding celebrants have been allowed since 1973, but in 2003 and 2009, requirements became stricter.  Now, prospective celebrants must pass a competency training course that is approved by the government, usually called a Certificate IV in Celebrancy.  Once meeting this requirement, prospective celebrants must turn in their registration application with the Registrar of Wedding Celebrants.

The curriculum requirements in a Certificate IV in Celebrancy course differ from the previous course Certificate IV in Marriage Celebrancy.  The new requirement has a broader scope.  The general courses train students in the protocols of the administrative organisation for celebrants, celebrancy role effectiveness, identification and fulfilment of client needs, relationship building focused communication skills, and the ethical and legal framework of celebrants.  Becoming a Perth wedding celebrant requires that you also take classes that acquaint you with your legal responsibilities for this specific role, skills for building a client-celebrant relationship with a couple, and plan, conduct and review a legal marriage ceremony.

Perth has beautiful wineries, parks, hills, rivers, beaches, resorts, hotels, museums, historic homes, and more to offer in the way of wedding venues.  Familiarising yourself with prime, or unusual, wedding locations can make you very marketable to couples seeking guidance in wedding planning.  Some wedding professionals offer all-inclusive services, where they plan the ceremony and reserve locations and rentals, photography, and flowers.  These particular wedding celebrants are especially popular with couples who are coming to Perth from other areas for a destination wedding.  Wedding celebrants may also specialise in ethic weddings or theme weddings in order to set their businesses apart from the crowd.  Becoming a Perth wedding celebrant is the first step on your way to a rewarding career that is helping couples have the wedding celebration of their dreams.

Kathryn Sturrock is a Wedding Celebrant in Perth.