Cyclone Yasi is in QLD now

Tropical Cyclone Yasi has now hit our Australian Queensland on the 2nd of January 2011.

This news and updates are being kept live via Twitter and all the news stations on TV and radio.

The nearly 300KM’s winds will cause a lot of damage to anything in it’s path.

Channel ABC 24 is broadcasting constant news about the cyclone. They are doing a great job with the constant interviews.

Here are a series of links to relevant websites and news sites for more information:

Here is a link to BOM’s Satellite chart for Yasi

BoM’s Home Page

BoM Static Picture of Yasi

Google’s Crisis Response Page

The Weather Channel’s Report on Yasi

A comparison of how Tropical Cyclone Yasi looks like over USA from Harold Sun.

ABC’s running news on Yasi

A collection of News Stories on YouTube from Queensland Police.

Solarwatche’s YouTube Channel on TC Yasi

Twitter Feed on Tropical Cyclone Yasi

Tags in Twitter to see other people’s tweets:

  • #Yasi
  • #TCYasi