Things to consider when planning a new logo cheaply

If you’re looking at a new logo you either have one and need a new brand look and feel or you just started a new company. The task of getting a new logo for either reason has the same steps, unless you want to carry over your existing brand into the new logo.

So the steps that need to be considered:

  1. Colour scheme
  2. Words in logo
  3. Font in logo
  4. Shapes or graphics in logo
  5. Shape of complete logo
  6. Do you need a black and white version too

Colour Scheme

Colours say a lot about a brand, bold colours, pastel or plain colours will make a difference to the first impression to your web viewers. With colours you need to be conscious of what else will be on the page as there may be some conflicts. Also, you need to consider what colour your website background will be.

Words in Logo

Some logos are text or part of the logo is text that is included in it. Having text will help the audience to know who/what they are dealing with in an instance. So the font of the logo is important and where it’s going to be used.
Words are great, and in some cases the text is the logo and you end up associating a particular font with a logo i.e. Coca Cola.

Font in Logo

The font is important if you have text in your logo, this is definitely something that can turn someone off your brand or even make an impression of what you are about. Some fonts look more futuristic and modern, so they may suit a technology company rather than an accountant. Mentioning what industry you are in to your graphic designer will guide them with regard to which font to pick

Shapes or graphics in logo

We all identify images and shapes with relative things, so it’s also common to include something relative in your logo. So for instance it’s common to include a spanner if you are a plumber or a car if you are a car detailer etc. this way although people may not read the text or slogan, they can relate to what you do.

Shape of complete logo

When you’re designing a website and also your logo it’s worth considering your logo shape, as this website theme/template may be easier to work with if you have a logo that fits right in.

Do you need a black and white version too?

Not a lot of people think about this, but a black and white version of your logo will also work when you fax something with your logo on it that needs to be in black and white. This will ensure that your logo is recognisable no matter what format it’s in. In addition if you would like to use your logo on your shirt, embroidery will be easier and cheaper as you won’t need to use lots of colours.

All of the six things should be considered when having your logo designed for you. If you are on a small budget, you should choose your theme/template and have a couple options ready before you go to your designer this way they can design the logo that can fit into a theme that won’t need any further development.

What not to do/say when you get a logo designed is “you do it” to the designer with no specifications or guidance. You cannot assume that your logo designer will know everything that is in your head or what your clients will expect. Even within one industry, each business owner will have some preference. has an option for you when it comes to cheap logo design in Australia. A web based solution that is great when you’re starting out.