What to Expect from a Wedding Photographer

After months of planning the wedding is finally here. Whether you’re the bride or groom, it’s always nerve-racking before the wedding. Will everything go all right? Am I really doing this? All different types of questions will float through your head and the stress is more than enough to lose sleep over. Not only do you have to worry about everything that you must do but also you must worry about other people, specifically the wedding photographer. How will they do on my wedding day? Believing that everything will go perfect like a Hollywood movie is not realistic, however, some rational expectations will help you understand what to expect from a wedding photographer on your wedding day.

I cannot stress it enough; communication is the key to success between you and the photographers. If you haven’t had an in depth meeting with them on what your wedding is going to be like and how it’s going to run then you need to meet with them as soon as possible. During this meeting, running through how the ceremony will proceed will provide them with accurate information on where they need to be to get the shots. Also, if there is a specific lighting or style of shot you want included, then be sure to talk it over with them.

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When the wedding day comes, it is professional for them to arrive on time. On time means usually arriving at the same time the wedding planner gets there or a little bit after. This allows them to setup all their equipment as well as make any adjustments to lighting. Also, it is expected that their attire is formal. If their outfit is casual this is highly disrespectful unless communicated prior. If this occurs one should request for a deep discount from the original package price.

Although there may be tripods set up in multiple locations, it’s very common for the head-wedding photographer to move around the venue. Sometimes they will be literally three feet away on one knee taking photographs and other times they will be off at a unique angle. The movement won’t bother friends and family in the audience; it’s similar to audiences ignoring the puppeteer and just focusing solely on the puppet. It is anticipated that they move around to get different viewpoints, however, they should still attempt to be as discreet as possible.

After the actual ceremony transpires, it’s time for pictures of you and your spouse as well as immediate family. It’s best to establish where these pictures will be taken during the meeting with your photographers. Once these pictures are taken, usually they will stay for the dinner and reception and take pictures of everyone enjoying each other’s company. This is where the personality of whom you’ve chosen really comes through. It’s common for them to be informal with the guests including you and your spouse. If everything is setup properly and communicated before, the wedding photographer should do an excellent job shooting your special day.

Author: Peter Dancewicz

Company: Absolute and Alive Photography

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Website: www.absoluteandalivephotography.com.au