Thermal Photography in Perth

In residential and commercial properties heat and cold leaks occur. The best way of you seeing them is via a thermal camera, before you go out and buy one, you need to consider the cost, they are around $20,000, so you may want to slow down and keep on reading. Scantherma is a leading company in Perth offering thermal imagery of any building or device that needs to be show under a thermal reading.

Thermal readings are captured with a very special camera and is used by a trained professional who can use it properly and provide you with an explanation of what it all means. In most cases you’ll see red and blue with hundreds of shades in it, when you are looking at an image. Here is an example of a thermal photo:

thermal photo, insulation, perth

This image is somewhat bland to the naked eye, but to a professional, this will tell you a lot.  You can use Thermal Imaging to gain knowledge if you insulation was installed correctly, if your doors a leaking, if your air conditioner is working and allocating air, are any vents working or not working, is your fridge leaking, are your windows sealed, the list goes on, as long as their is some sort of cold and hot air transfer, you can measure it with this specialised thermal camera. Solar panels can also be shown if they are working correctly.

A lot of real estate agencies use  Scantherma to ensure that the house being sold or purchased has everything in check.  This also applies to green compliances, you can show that your insulation is 100% and that you don’t have any leaks in your doors and windows.

Thermal photos perth, solar panel

In this thermal image you can see a solar panel which has got “hot spots” on it, showing that it’s not working correctly as the other smaller panels don’t have current running through them. If you were using this solar panel to generate power, it wouldn’t be providing what you have paid for.

With the continual push for energy efficiency, it’s a matter of time before these sort of audits become recommended by authorities and local councils.  If you are getting your house renovated, you have to go through a pretty strickt green compliance stage, although this audit is not mandatory or recommended as your extension has not been built, but you can then go back later on and show the council or your builder that you are 100% above board with your new implementation.

Here are some applications and usages for Thermal Photography:

  • thermal energy auditing
  • detection of air leaks
  • missing insulation
  • energy auditing
  • finding energy leaks
  • predictive maintenance
  • solar panel maintenance
  • solar panel servicing
  • air conditioner efficiency
  • finding moisture contamination
  • ceiling and roof maintenance
  • maintenance schedule
  • preventative maintenance
  • facility maintenance
  • residential energy audit
  • night time thermal
  • blocked air conditioning vents
  • thermal imaging
  • window insulation
  • door insulation
  • thermal imagry perth

The list will grow as more and more people realise that their energy is not working at it’s optimum, which in most cases will mean cost more to run. Why should your air conditioner work more than it should, just because you have air leaks in your doorways, a roll of $20 insulation tape will fix it.

For further details and information, please contact Scantherma.  Scantherma are located in Perth, Western Australia.