What is SEO Perth?

What is SEO, or better yet, what is SEO Perth? You would be surprised at the number of people around the world that do not understand what SEO is, nor the benefits you can enjoy from utilising the process in your website design and structure. There are millions of people that experience Search Engine Optimization (SEO) every hour of every day, and really don’t have the need or desire to know what it is or how it works; but In order for you to find what you are looking for when you are searching for something on the internet, it is important for the website owners, developers, project managers, and promoters to know exactly what SEO is.

SEO is not actually used by the person that is performing a search for information on the internet. It is a technique that is used by site owners that allow their information to be effectively found by a person using a search engine query. SEO is a process in which a site owner can capitalise on the searches that are performed by millions of people daily, using words that are relevant to products or information that is found on their sites. If their websites are structured properly using the correct SEO techniques, they will tap into the unlimited traffic that is created by millions of people searching for something relative every minute of every day.

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Testing SEO is really simple to do and can be done by typing a word into a search engine. The results that show will be relevant to the word you chose for your search. The first 10 results will more than likely have information that pertains to the word you chose. Now, sometimes you may not get what you where looking for because you have to remember that the search engine is not human and it might take more than just a single word to find what you are looking for. But let’s examine what we are actually doing before moving forward. What we want to find out is what these words have to do with our search query.

The word you chose is called a “keyword” and this word is used by the search engine to scan millions of pages that are using this particular word. Now this word, if used by it-self, will more than likely not bring up any pertinent information you are looking for, so you will need to be a bit more specific by adding informational words to that keyword. Let’s understand what SEO Perth is, so for example, if you chose the word “Perth” your results may have been the meaning of the word, the state capital, and some information about Perth, Australia. So, with “Perth” being the keyword, now we want to find out something that pertains to Perth like, “what is SEO in Perth?”

When using the query listed above you are beginning to get a bit more specific and now the search engine is off looking for all the sites that are using this combination of words, in the same configuration. So now, instead of using “Perth” as our keyword, we are using “what is SEO in Perth” as a short tailed set of keywords.  The results that have popped up should be more specific and bring up websites in Perth, talking about SEO. So, now we know how to use queries and why using specific words bring up relevant sites. But now you are probably asking, “How do relevant sites get chosen, and why do they come up in a certain order?”

The answer is, optimising your website using SEO techniques. When search engines are retrieving information they are crawling, processing, and calculating relevancy. They are looking at websites that have the proper structure, using the keywords properly, and are truly informational to your query. In order for this to happen effectively a website must be optimised using methods that allow the search engine to search the site and find the keywords, analyse how relevant they are, and return the results to you without issue. If the SEO technique has been used properly, the website owner will be happy to know that their website was chosen out of thousands of others to bring you the information you were looking for 1st. Each relevant site that is calculated by the search engine that has a lesser relevancy will follow in order.

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