How to avoid fake SEO consultants

When looking for a real SEO consultant, there may be some things you will want to consider first. There are a few different services available on the internet that will talk about different ways that your website can rank higher on the internet search engines. Some of these services will talk about how you can rank on Google page 1 in the number 1 position. They will also talk about how you can continually do this over and over again. Some of these services will try to sell you products that will allow you to do this, and others will sell you an e-book that will explain a step-by-step process. As a business owner, what you will find is a lot of frustration as well as false promises, if you are not looking in the right areas.

If you are trying to avoid finding fake SEO consultants, then you will need to do the research that is required in checking into the information that is provided by the SEO company. The number one way to expose a fake SEO service is by checking how long they’ve been in business. If you can find an SEO that has a track record of at least a year long, and they have a few clients that they can point you to that can show the effectiveness of their service, then you are on the right track. Many fake SEO services do not have any type of track record or information they can provide that will assure you that they can perform the services they are advertising.

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The next important step on finding an SEO is their contact information. You may have a unique situation where you will need to contact someone and talk about specific areas of your business. If you have landed somewhere that does not provide the correct contact information that will allow you to do this, in many cases you are not dealing with a professional SEO consultant, and you will need to move on. There are more and more sites available that list dollar amounts that provide no contact information; this is not what you want. A professional SEO will provide information that will allow you to contact them so a business relationship can begin right away.

To review your SEO Company consider these points:

  • Been in business for over 1 year
  • Is their domain older than 1 year
  • Have their got reputable client list
  • Can you see and check claimed results
  • Are their contact details available on their website (not just a web form)

Good Good has been in business for over 2 years, we’ve got a track record, are reputable, all of our details and process is explained and transparent.

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