Vibrating Motors

Industrial Vibrating Motors are an invaluable tool in many different industrial industries around the world. They are used primarily for vibrating industrial sized machines such as Feed Hoppers, Conveyors, Cement Mixers, and Vibrating Tables to name a few. These motors can be found in a combination of sizes ranging from very large to others that are as small as a 6-pack of beverage drinks. These vibrating motors can be powered by electricity – AC or DC, hydraulics, and pneumatic making them ideal for any given situation that may arise.

Industrial Vibrating Motors are primarily used for Screeners, Feeders, Tables, Hoppers, and Bins, and have become an extremely important part of an industry that only a few decades ago, used various other methods for vibrating. Many of the motors developed today are used for vibrating large amounts of mass. This can be seen in areas like construction where vibrating machines are used to separate aggregate materials, or to remove the air from freshly poured concrete allowing the mixture to set up properly without issue.

Vibrating motors are also heavily used in the mining industry for conveyor systems. These machines are used to separate the small material from larger material and in some cases, separating different kinds of material from each other. This is a process called sorting, and this process can happen over a long or short distance depending on the types of materials needed. Some of the machines used for this process come in a range of sizes, meaning there is a different size motor used for each type of machine.

Now that you are familiar with some of the uses, you may want to know just how a vibrating motor vibrates. There are a variety of vibrating motors available for every different type of application, and depending on your need there is something that will fit the type of machinery you’re working with. Almost all motors are built using heavy duty construction which will provide long life as well as enduring performance. Some of the unique designs include steel end covers, high alloy fasteners and ductile iron castings. Most every motor you can find will give you the option to mount it vertically or horizontally.

All vibrating motors use some type of bearing in their design, and the best vibrators available will provide the highest quality bearings for long lasting performance as well as maintaining peak operating levels for long periods of time. Some vibrators use sealed bearings while other vibrators carry the roller style bearings. It really depends on the unit and the manufacture or whatever their preference may be. Almost all motors will have a force adjustment in some fashion, and these will vary by manufacturer. Some will have continuous duty force settings while others will provide continuous operation at maximum force.

You would be surprised to know that almost all vibrating motors available today are designed to operate very quietly. This means you’ll find many of these motors operating below 55db from a distance of roughly 5 feet away. Because these motors are used in some of the dirtiest conditions, they will need to be constructed to withstand dirty, dusty, and wet environments, and they are. They have been constructed using a splash-proof/dust-tight design which will not allow foreign material to interfere with the inner workings of the unit. This will ensure proper operation throughout the life of the motor.

Many of the industrial vibrating motors are electric and come in either 3-phase or single-phase. This will give you polarity options as to how many poles you’ll need for the type of machinery you’re working with. The electrical cable terminal junction boxes are assembled using the highest grade terminal ends and lock washers to ensure all the electrical connections are secure as well as not being able to vibrate loose while in full operation. This insures that once all the connections have been made, they require no further attention other than normal maintenance inspections.

There is a specific need for vibrating motors in the industrial world today. What is so surprising is that they are only manufactured by a hand full of companies around the world. If you know what you’re looking for, and you have a few specifics in mind, finding the right motor for the job can save you time and money while providing a very valuable tool in the process.

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