Benefits of Editing Software used by AIPP members

Have you ever looked at wedding photographs that have been professionally finished by a wedding photographer? The colours and the effects make them something very special to look at. Many non professional photographers have to pay for this service to be done, but not the professionals that are AIPP members. This is another very large benefit that you will receive when choosing a professional accredited photography service. What you may not know is the photograph you are looking at wasn’t taken that way. It was edited to bring out more of the beauty that otherwise could not be seen.

Many wedding photographers go to workshops and train for hours, learning how to use editing software, which costs a fortune by the way, to maximise the effects of their images. These images are the same images you see when a complete wedding album is finished. Some of the photos are touched up and others have what is called a ‘special effect” and normally those are pictures that have been specifically chosen of the bride and groom to be professionally edited. The process is fascinating and many people really don’t know how it works because all they see is the finished product.

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If you were to go behind the scenes you will find masters of the craft hard at work putting the finishing touches on already wonderful wedding photographs. What they focus on is maximising the effects of the photo, and this can be anything from the background, clothing, facial images, hair, teeth, nose, mouth and eyes. The professional wedding photographer has the ability to add, remove, refine, soften, add or change colour, fade, blend, and manipulate photographs in ways that you would not recognise that the photo had ever been taken. These techniques take years to perfect and if you ever want to be amazed at watching something, ask your wedding photographer if you can watch them edit a photograph.

For many people when we think of editing a photo we think of resizing, cropping, cut and paste. That is really the extent of it for a lot of us, but for professional photographers they are always looking for ways to make a photograph, or something about it, stand out and take presence. For those who don’t understand why the cost of a professional service is well worth it, these are the reasons. When you walk out of a professional photographer’s studio, you are carrying years of experience, expertise, and professionalism in each and every picture you’ve ordered. The work is incredible but what is more fascinating is how they do it.

wedding photographers perthThe opportunity presented itself one afternoon when someone was editing the eyes in a photograph. The thought or reasoning to edit the eyes of a photograph was new, but seeing the work done was amazing. The eyes in the photograph were already blue, but during the process that was used the colour became enhanced to the point that they almost looked animated. Working the rest of the colouring in and around the eyes, the photograph began to draw focus to the facial features of the person. This was a truly spectacular experience because this was something that hadn’t been known, but once brought face to face, the photograph was brilliantly stunning to say the least.

These are techniques that are used to improve on something that is already fantastic in many cases. Sometimes a wedding photographer will come across a photograph that simply has to be in the wedding set, but the lighting was wrong or the colours weren’t correct, the wedding photographer will then commence using their editing techniques and low and behold, the lighting has been corrected and the colours are more brilliant than ever. If someone didn’t know any better, this could truly be considered an art of sorts.

A wedding photographer offers many benefits and especially those that are AIPP members. These benefits can only be realised when you are in need of a wedding photographer that has experience and knowledge. The only way to know how a wedding photographer can help your wedding is by contacting one today.