Foam, Water and Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

buy fire extinguishersBecause there are so many different types of fire extinguishers on the market today, it can be quite difficult to find the right one for fighting a specific type of fire. There are extinguishers for foam, water, and carbon dioxide, and for many people it’s kind of difficult to understand which type works the best for a specific kind of fire. In this post you will discover a little bit about each of the different types, as well as how to effectively buy fire extinguishers online, and get the exact type you need.

Fighting Fire with Water

It’s no coincidence that most fires that breakout today will be fought using water. After all, when you see a fire engine pull up to a house that’s burning, they will automatically break out the fire hoses.  The reason why water is used so often is because many of the fires that are fought with water are considered to be Class A type fires. These are fires that are ignited using combustible materials that are made of wood, paper, or cloth material.

The majority of homes and businesses will consist of these materials and when they catch fire, water will be the fire retardant required for putting the fires out. This is why most fire extinguishers that you’ll see on the market today are considered to be Class A extinguishers.

Fighting Fire with Foam

Class B fires are a little different and will require something else in order to bring the fire under control. Oil, grease, or a variety of other flammable liquids will require the use of a specific type of foam fire retardant to put the fire out.

Foam is quite unique because it has the ability to smother the fire very easily. You see, although everything can burn at some temperature, every combustible item will need a mixture of air. Without air, most materials known to man will not continue to burn.

Using foam to put a fire out is extremely helpful and will more than likely cover a great deal of fire hazards when it comes to choosing the right fire extinguisher.

Fighting Fire with Carbon Dioxide Agents

You may be wondering why a person would need a C02 or Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher, and the reason is electricity. You see, several decades ago, many extinguishers were only available in water. It became very difficult to fight electrical fires with water because the people that were using water ended up getting electrocuted.

So, many companies got together and decided to make an electrical fire retardant and found that Carbon Dioxide worked extremely well when it came to electrical fires. The reason for this is due to the fact that Carbon Dioxide is an asphyxiant and it is not conductive.

This makes it an excellent choice for electrical fires and since its development; it has worked extremely well and provides a nice safe way to fight electrical fires.

Fire Extinguishers With Multiple Classifications

You may be asking yourself whether you will need to buy all these different fire extinguishers in order to fight a home or office fire. The truth is, no you will not. They make extinguishers today that fight Class A, B, and C fires all in one extinguisher.

These are the types of extinguishers you will want in the home or office. Now, some offices may be required by law to have a specific type of extinguisher depending on the type of environment their business is in.  However, for home usage, an ABC fire extinguisher is the most common type of device found in homes for fighting fires. This is the type of device you will want to look for when you’ve decided to bring a little more safety into the home.

How to Buy Fire Extinguishers Online

If you like to buy things online, you will be happy to know that being able to buy fire extinguishers online is a great help. This is because of all the information that comes along with making your online purchase.

You will find that many sites that offer these fire protection devices also provide detailed information in the form of textual content or training videos. As you are making your purchase, you are also given the chance to learn more about the product which is pretty cool.

Hopefully you have gained enough information on fire extinguishers that you will be able to make an educated decision when it comes to choosing something for protecting your home.