Thermal Energy Auditing

To understand how thermal energy auditing or inspections will benefit a resident or business owner, it will be important to understand a bit more about the tools that are used in the process, and the benefits that will be experienced as a result of having the work performed. Thermography is one of the main tools used in order to perform these inspections and provide you, the owner, with important information in regards to leaks, or potential leaks that can be corrected using corrective measures.

You will discover that each company that provides a thermal inspection may use a variety of methods; however, the most popular method consists of using sophisticated thermal imaging cameras known as the FLIR B, T and P series. These cameras provide a variety of different benefits for the thermal energy auditing company because they have been specifically developed for providing detailed information in regards to thermal leaks within structures of any type.

Utilising the thermography method for leak inspections is non-invasive and will ultimately provide a wide range of benefits to the resident or business owner when it comes to cutting costs and locating areas in which wasted energy has previously gone undetected. In this article you will discover more about the benefits you can look forward to as a result of utilizing this service, as well as why it has become extremely popular in regards to the importance of energy efficiency.

Locating energy leaks

In order to be energy efficient, it’s extremely important to have leak detection, energy audits, or preventive inspections performed on a regular basis. It’s not just a matter of finding problem areas but having them corrected as a result is extremely important. Thermal inspections will provide information unlike any other equipment because it detects energy waste that isn’t obvious to the naked eye.

This will be extremely important in situations where material failure, design, or poor workmanship is the initial cause of the probable leak. This will be vitally important when it comes to new home buyers, remodeling, new structures, or heating or cooling upgrades. The information provided by thermal imagery will create a blueprint in which a person can have detailed information about a problem area and take corrective measures in which to have these areas taken care of.

energy leak window frame

Understanding Insulation

There are many different misconceptions when it comes to insulation, and thermal energy auditing or inspections can help to bring some understanding to these areas. When performing inspections, one of the most common problems will be insulation that is either missing, deteriorated, or it has been installed incorrectly.

Insulation plays a major part in making sure you are conserving energy or being completely efficient. Sometimes insulation isn’t used where it should be, and in other cases – it’s used where it shouldn’t be used. Utilizing the services provided by thermal inspections, these areas will be detected easily and non-invasive providing detailed information which can be used to find out why these areas are problems, and in turn can be corrected.

Heat Efficiency

It’s already a well known fact that when air is heated, it rises. When this air rises it has to go somewhere. If the resident or business structure is well maintained from an energy standpoint, the heated air is re-circulated and in turn properly heats all the respective areas. When there is an energy loss, this heated air escapes and in turn makes the central heating system work harder and longer which will eventually bear its ugly head when the monthly energy bill arrives.

Thermal auditing can be used to find these specific problem areas, which will take all the guess work out of determining where the issues lie. Whether there is an insulation problem, structural issues, or heating equipment that is dated and may need to be upgraded, you will have all the information you need by simply having an inspection performed.

Understanding more about thermal energy auditing will provide residents and business owners with a tremendous advantage when it comes to being energy compliant and completely efficient. Energy prices aren’t expected to fall and in fact are expected to climb, and in order to cut down or correct wasted energy or problem areas, utilizing thermal technology will provide you with a fast and effective way to detect, manage, and fix issues quickly and efficiently.