How Dentures Perth Operations Work

Dentures are dental application devices used to replace missing teeth. There are many reasons as to why people lose teeth permanently thereby requiring dentures. This includes tooth decay and periodontal diseases that require teeth to be removed, drug abuse, physical trauma that breaks or removes teeth, genetics and poor nutrition. A dentures Perth operation may take several visits to the dentist depending on the number of teeth being replaced and the type of denture being fixed.

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Why You Need Dentures

The most obvious reason for having dentures is for aesthetics. People want to look nice and smile comfortably with their teeth looking as natural as possible. Since missing teeth will usually look bad, they get a set of dentures that restores the natural looking smile. This is also known to preserve ones self esteem. Besides cosmetic use of the dentures, they are also used to support the tissue around the missing teeth. Another reason for having dentures is to assist in the chewing process. Having dentures enables chewing more comfortably that having gaps in the teeth. Using dentures may also help with word pronunciations. Some people may have problems speaking because of teeth gap and the dentures will help restore ones speech again.

Types of Dentures

There are different types of dentures that your dentures Perth clinics may recommend. The dentures depend on when they are installed and how they are installed. Dentures are either placed on the upper section of the teeth – the maxillary arch, the lower side of the teeth – the mandibular arch or both the upper and lower side. Below are the common types of dentures;

Immediate Dentures – The immediate dentures are placed onto the teeth gap immediately the teeth are removed. This is especially the case when the patient does not want to remain without the teeth within the healing period. As soon as the dentist removed the bad tooth or teeth, they place dentures. However, this type will require constant visits to the dentist to have adjustments as the healing takes place.

Conventional Dentures – Conventional dentures are placed about 10 to 12 weeks after the teeth are removed. This ensures the gum and bone at the place the tooth or teeth are replaced heals well and thereby making the dentures more permanent.

Complete Removable Dentures – A complete denture is an artificial tooth or teeth that is fixed onto a plastic base that is colored like the jaw and this is fixed onto the side that the tooth or teeth are missing with the artificial tooth or teeth fitting into the gaps. The dentures are not permanently fixed onto the teeth but are worn similar to a mouth guard. The denture is either for the upper section or lower section of the teeth. The patient can easily remove the denture with the artificial teeth and clean it or store it while asleep.

Bridge – A bridge or partial denture is placed when there are strong natural teeth on either side next to a place where a tooth or set of teeth are missing. The bridge can either be temporary or permanent. Temporary bridge is set with the teeth being placed on a pink plastic base and this is attached to the teeth on either side using a wire. On the other hand, a permanent bridge is set by attaching a crown to the good teeth on either side of the missing teeth section and having an artificial tooth or teeth being attached to the fixed crown on either side. This is done permanently by the dentures Perth dentist and will require a dentist to have it removed.

Process of Having Dentures Made

Depending on the nature of the missing teeth and the preference of the patient, the dentures Perth / Dental Prosthetist may use one of these type of dentures. Once the dentures to be used is agreed upon, a set of appointments is set to complete the process of placing the dentures at the missing teeth gaps. Below are the stages of having the dentures fixed onto the missing teeth gaps;

Measuring – The first stage is the measuring stage. The dentist uses various dental devices to get the right dimensions of the gap, the design of your natural teeth and the number of teeth to be set. The measurements and impressions of the teeth are then sent to a dentures Perth manufacturer who makes a model to test the artificial teeth.

Model Preparation and Testing – Once the model is prepared, the patient is booked for another appointment where the dentist tests the model to see if the artificial teeth will fit well.

Making Cast – Once the fitting is done, the model is sent to the manufacturer with the adjustments and the artificial tooth or teeth are then made from the adjusted model.

Final Adjustments – The patient then comes in for the final fitting of the artificial teeth. If the teeth fit well at this stage, the dentures Perth dentist will attach the dentures permanently. However, the fitting may still require further adjustments at this stage and this may necessitate subsequent appointments.

In addition, you may require denture repairs, then a professional clinic can fix anything from a simple crack to full emergency denture repair.