How to Pay Less for Your Wedding Limos Perth Hire

If you are hard pressed on your cash but still desire to have a wedding limos Perth hire, there may still be ways that you can significantly reduce on your hiring costs and afford the luxurious hire. Below are some ideas on how you can save on your budget for hiring a limo for your wedding;

Car Model and Age of Car

Typically, some car models will costs much more than others. The sedan limousines that have 5 seats costs less than the stretch limousines that are 8 to 20 people carriers. The SUV stretch cars also cost more as compared to sedan and station wagon limousines. The make of the car is yet another determinant. Wedding limos Perth service providers charge less on the more common limousines such as the 7 series BMW or the Mercedes Benz S class limos. However, on the more luxurious and rarer cars such as the Hummer stretch and the Chrysler 300. You may therefore need to shop around to get the cheaper limo models for your low cost hire. Besides the car make, some limos Perth companies provide older limos at reduced prices. Since most couples will prefer new cars and newer models, the limo services companies place a low rate on the older cars. You can therefore get some good bargains by going for the older cars. Another factor that can reduce the price of the limo hire is the features available in the limo. Limousine hires with less services such as having no drinks bar, reduced waiting time and other lower services will have their rates lower that that of limos that come with excessive adjustments for the extras.

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Black wedding limo with couple

Perth Wedding Photographer: Wedding Lightroom

Booking in Advance

Another way that you can save on your wedding limos Perth hire is by booking way in advance. Limo service providers will usually charge a high premium for last minute booking while at the same time provide significant discounts for those who book way in advance. Booking in advance also helps you plan your event in a more organized way as last minute preparations are usually hurried and can end up costing you much more.

Proper Planning

You can also save on your wedding limos Perth hire costs by better planning your trip and event. With proper planning, you avoid having excessive waiting time that ends up costing you much more on your hire. Limo charges are mainly tagged to time of hire and therefore longer waiting time means more charges. By planning well, you can have the limo get to the place it is needed in good time and make the trip with least last minute changes. With good planning, you can also map out a proper critical path for the hire and this will enable you take shorter routes. You can also take the trip during times when the roads are not jammed and avoid the roads that are prone to traffic jams. This way, you can take less time on the limo and consequently pay less.

Book for Shorter Periods

If you are hard pressed with cash, you can also choose to hire the limo for lesser periods of your wedding ceremony. For example, you can have the limo pick the bride, take her to the church for the vows and then take the couple to the reception and then release the limo. You can then use a regular car for trip after the reception. You can also decide to have the limo only to take the bride to the church or only to take the bride to their hotel after the wedding ceremony. Hiring the limo for such short periods will significantly reduce on your hiring services as most providers will charge hire hourly.

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Classic Jaguar Wedding Car (Reflection)

Negotiate and Ask for Discount

You can also significantly reduce on your wedding limos Perth services costs by negotiating for discounts. Most couples who hire a limo online or by phone will rarely ask for a discount. However, most service providers will normally have a leeway for those who negotiate for a discount. It may therefore not be as hard to negotiate for such a discount.

Seek Coupons and Discount Offers

Another way that you can keep your hiring costs low is by seeking discount coupons. Discount coupons are available on discount websites such as Groupon or from coupon websites, magazines and from the limo hire websites. Some websites also provide discount offers for people who are referred by former clients or place promotional discount periods. You can look out for all these discount options to further reduce on your hiring charges. Many companies will also provide large discounts in seasons when weddings are fewer.

Shop and Compare Prices

You can also significantly reduce on your hiring costs by getting quotes from as many wedding limos Perth service providers as you can and comparing the prices. Different service providers may charge different rates and comparing can lead you to a cheap vendor. With the internet, it has become much easier to ask for quotes and compare prices. You can even search through related internet discussion forums to get ideas of cheap limo services providers. The forums will also give you further tips on these limos and service providers to avoid.