Look to Dunsborough Restaurant, La Casina Dunsborough for Italian Cuisine

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Does the thought of fine Italian cuisine make your mouth water?  Give in to that craving by having a dining experience at a Dunsborough restaurant that specializes in Italian fare.  No cuisine is able to combine fine dining and the comfort of a home cooked meal quite in the way Italian food does.  No matter the region, Italian dishes have an unmistakable signature that uniquely identifies them.

The beauty of the tomato is highlighted in many Italian recipes.  Even so, Italian food makes use of homegrown herbs and other vegetables.  Fresh greens and ripe olives make salads sing.  You will discover creative uses of pastas and breads.  Cheeses become your best friend and seasoned olive oils are used in dressings and bread dipping.  If you are in search of places to eat in Dunsborough, you may want to select an Italian restaurant that serves fresh bruschette and has chefs that know their way around fresh seafood.


Do pancetta and scallops that have been fried in a pan and served in a cream sauce sound like a tasty way to start a meal?  Maybe you would prefer to share a seafood salad that features prawns, calamari and julienne vegetables.  Are you in the mood for fabulous, homemade pasta?  How about pappardelle and lamb?  La Casina restaurant serves spinach and ricotta ravioli that has been tossed with cherry tomatoes, Parmesan and basil.  You may wish to order potato gnocchi with prawns and zucchini.  When was the last time you savored a quality risotto?  You need to indulge every now and again.

What does char grilled sirloins with a balsamic glaze and prosciutto wrapped chicken breast have in common?  They are both tender and delicious in the hands of a skilled Italian chef.  You can even have the fish of the day served with caramelised fennel potatoes and a baby spinach herb salad.  You can bring the whole family to this Dunsborough restaurant that takes into account that children are sometimes a bit fussy when it comes to food.  A menu that focuses on the palette of a child enables everyone in the party to be satisfied, while dining around the table.

When searching for places to eat Dunsborough, you will want to dine at an Italian restaurant that does not forget the importance of catering to that sweet tooth.  There is little that compares to diving into a serving of tiramisu unless it is taking a bite of a flourless cake of rich, chocolate and almonds a la mode.  Yes, that last term is French, but with ice cream is with ice cream.  You prefer the rich Italian version, known as gelato?  Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or all three are available for your dessert needs at a La Casina restaurant that takes its Italian sweets seriously.  There is even a cheese plate with toasted, homemade crostini and quince paste if you or dining companions are not in the mood for sugar.  Enter hungry and leave wanting to come back the next day, when you dine at a quality Italian restaurant.

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