Hearth House Bunbury Air-Conditioning Specialists

At Heath House Bunbury, you can find a wide variety of air conditioning and heating products that will suit your needs. Featuring the latest technology for maximum efficiency, you can choose the right Bunbury air conditioners for your home or business needs.

For over 30 years, Hearth House Bunbury has provided the best air conditioning products for the Bunbury area and today they still provide top notch products and excellent service all for low, competitive prices.  With the heat that is well known to this area around us, we can provide you the comfort of the right air conditioner for your building or residence.

bunbury air conditioners


Bunbury air conditioners are made from the best materials to provide effective cooling for your home. Furthermore, the complete service provided from installation to maintenance results in air conditioners that last for many years providing a powerful service to hundreds of homes across the Perth area.

Installation is provided by our highly trained, professional staff that uses the greatest care when installing air conditioners, ductwork and any accessories into your home. The goal is to provide the best service possible with the least disruption to your household.

What follows is a two of our most popular lines of air conditioning units, each of them with powerful advantages that will cool your home effectively while providing for greater energy efficiency, low noise and robust service that will keep your home cool and comfortable year after year.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

There are many advantages to using reverse cycle air conditioning Bunbury residents have enjoyed for years. The benefits of having this remarkable air conditioning system installed in your home are many. The most important of which is that you enjoy year-round cooling and heating in which every room is set to a comfortable level that is perfect for your family.

bunbury evaporative air conditioningFingertip controls make adjustments easy and you have up to 10 zones where you can set an individual environment to best suit your needs. What’s even more impressive is that you not only eliminate the hot or cold spots in your home, the low noise and high efficiency of this unit can actually increase the value of your home.

Evaporative Air-Conditioning

You can also choose the benefits of evaporative air-conditioning. Bunbury residents are using evaporative air-conditioning to save money and increase the comfort levels in their home. Instead of running air over refrigerated coils, the evaporated air conditioning system uses a system of wet pads that utilize the hot air from the outside to provide the moisture and the fan to provide the cooling action which in turn provides even, cool air for your home.

This unique system actually uses a fraction of the electricity normally used by a standard refrigerated system. This means you save considerable money on your electric bill when you choose the evaporative system. Plus, unlike refrigeration coils, there are no harmful greenhouse gases such as CFCs or HFCs in this product. You protect the environment and save on your electric bill at the same time with this remarkable system.