Sense and Sensibility: A Guide to Getting the Perfect Photo

When you’ve got everything down perfectly on your wedding list, from the man to the dress and the entourage, you’d want the perfect shot to capture it all. So you get affordable and gloriously in-budget cheap wedding photographers in Perth and trust that everything will come together harmoniously in a single frame. That single frame will reflect the happiness of your newly-married life and you’d want to share it with others.

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Cheap does not mean lack of quality

So, how exactly do you get that?

1. Engage in the picking process.

Engagement sessions are a perfect way to see if your wedding photographer is up to the challenge of creating the perfect wedding photo that you plan to show to your future grandchildren. You get to know your photographer, his style of shooting stills, the equipments they use or the experiences they have hurdled.

2. Prep the raw materials.

The photographer can only do so much on the big day. Make sure that your hair and make-up plans are camera-ready. Wear-proof it so that you’re always ready on every angle, every second of the wedding. Consider staying away from glitter. It’s pretty in concept but a photographer’s nightmare. And always, always blot out oil during the wedding day. The shine converts to white dots in the camera. This goes for both the bride and the groom.

3. Plot a narrative.

Sit down with the photographer to discuss the timeline of your wedding. You need to discuss what happens and when. Collaborate. Think out of the box to create that perfect shot. A professional wedding photographer likely has a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to capturing moments.

4. Think themes.

If you are going for a themed wedding, inform the photographer. Apart from the general list of stock images that are usually expected of weddings, do you have any other special requests? Discuss to be accommodated.

5. Be on time

Fact: being on time reduces stress, on the wedding day and for any other day. Reduce the stress so that poses don’t look stiff or staged.

6. Coordinate and delegate

Get help. Having a coordinator or your maid of honour doing all your biddings enable you to enjoy not only the shoot but also the wedding itself.

7. Relax

Don’t worry about straining your dress or getting sand on your shoes if you’re on the beach. You are only going to use it once anyway.

8. Be honest

Tell your photographer if the light or the flash is unbearable, or if it’s too chilly or the pose is uncomfortable.

9. Blocking

Lower your chin a quarter of an inch to bring your eyes closer to the lens. Turn your body slightly to the side to appear leaner. These are basic stuff you should really know.

10. Pick the right people

Last but definitely not the least – get the right team to capture it. All your preparation will be for naught if you entrust everything on the wrong shooting hands. Hire a professional wedding photographer firm.

There’s really no better tip than getting professional cheap wedding photographers in Perth with the right sense and sensibility to capture that perfect 3-second moment. With a professional, each and every moment is potentially the perfect shot.