Looking cool or saving your teeth?

Many young people who play sports think that wearing football mouth guards make them look nerdy or darkish. What they don’t realize is that not wearing one and suffering what might potentially be permanent damage to their mouth or teeth is worse than looking less than cool on the field. The question they need to consider, what is more important looking cool or saving their teeth?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why young athletes should wear football mouth guards when playing their favorite sport:

  • Custom fit mouth guards give a player the confidence to run faster, bump other players or take a fall without having to worry about injuring their mouths.
  • A well fitted football mouth guard will also help absorb any shock that occurs when one falls or is hit by either the ball or another player.
  • Players with unprotected mouths not only run the risk of chipped and broken teeth but also are potentially at risk for broken jaws and head injuries.

Even though there have been no official studies as to whether the wearing of football mouth guards that are properly fitted reduce the likelihood of sustaining a concussion, there is growing evidence that a mouth guard does play a significant role in player safety. It is a fairly well-known fact that mouth guards do prevent broken and chipped teeth along with cuts and bruises to one’s mouth. It is also a well-known fact that wearing a football mouth guard is quickly becoming a mandatory safety rule in quite a number of non-professional football leagues as well as school athletic programs.

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Many non-professional athletes only look at the fact that custom fitted mouth guards can be expensive and take a great deal of time to have made. But when you consider the fact that a customized guard is more comfortable and protects not only your top but your bottom teeth as well, then the time and expense far outweighs what one would have to pay in dental and medical bills. Young athletes who wear custom fit mouth guards from an early age are more likely to not only be safer on the playing field but also to continue the habit as they grow older and move onto rougher playing situations.

While it might be darkish or nerdy to wear a football mouth guard when one plays, you have to admit that the players who do so have much more attractive smiles!

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