Before You Get Self Storage

Before you get a storage unit you have several things to think about. A storage unit can help you free up space in your home or store items from those that have passed on. Here’s what you need to know before you look into Bunbury self-storage.

Make a List

It’s a good idea to make a comprehensive list of what you plan to store away. You can sort your list by categories so it’s easier to manage.  You may decide to use a spreadsheet or similar program to record the list on. Make several copies of the list and store them away. This will ensure that when you go to the locker in the future that all the items are there as you have left them. Use the list to tick off items as you add them to the locker or before you transport the items to the facility.


The cost of your Bunbury storage unit will depend on how big the locker is and how long you want to store your items for. Make sure you understand all the costs associated with your locker before you sign any paperwork. Make sure you conduct some research on the various storage vendors before you get the locker. Look to the various sizes and determine of all your items will fit in the unit. The personnel at the facility can help you determine which storage unit will be the best for you.

What Happens if You Don’t Pay

Ask about what happens to the unit if you don’t end up paying some fees. Usually you’ll jut pay ahead of time but in some cases you might want to do monthly payments. Ask what the payment options are and the penalties if you are late or can’t pay before you get your Bunbury self-storage unit.



It’s good to find out how your storage locker will be monitored and how the facility deals with security. You’ll wan tto ensure that you  have your items stored at a facility that has adequate security especially if you’re going to be storing nay items of value that you don’t want stolen. Just remember that there is going to be some risk with storing items with self-storage so understand how security works before you go with any service for storing your items.


Make sure you’re allowed to access your locker when you want. You should have freedom to remove and add items to your locker at your leisure assuming of course it’s within working hours.

Future Needs

Ask if the facility can accommodate you if you need more storage and then figure out the associated costs with the additional storage. When you get a Bunbury self storage unit make sure that the facility is bale to look after your future needs too because you don`t want to have items stored all over the place.

Take your time when looking for Bunbury self-storage so you can a unit that works for you and your individual needs.