Wines of Australia

Learn about our very own Margaret River Shiraz & Rose

Australia is one of the producers of the finest wines around the world. This wine industry in Australia started way back in 1788 when Governor Phillip brought and cultivated vine cuttings. Although at first this winemaking attempt was not a success the other settlers persevered on it and were able to produce wine in 1820. This was distributed domestically during this year and it was in 1822 when Australia started to export wine and this was first distributed by Gregory Blaxland. This was the start of when Australia became popular in wine and viticulture. Our country has been continuously producing the best wines which came from the best selections of grapes from Spain as well as France.


Flying Fish Cove Winery is one of the greatest Australian wine producers. They have been producing high quality liquors which has been well fortified and has followed the standards set in making this kind of beverage. It uses the finest quality of grape vines that produces that unforgettable taste of sweetness. This has been made by expert wine makers using the innovative winemaking techniques. Flying Fish Cove in Margaret River have been creating premium quality of wines that has earned awards from the famous winemaking organizations around the world. They have been supplying great wines to world class places such as the Margaret River Rose. This wine has one of its finest flavours which perfectly compliment to the spectacular sceneries of beaches or forests. The Margaret River Rose has the most attractive rose colour and has a fantastic refreshing fruity taste that will gloriously lingers on your palate. Winemakers of this famous wine utilized three great techniques in producing it. The first one is allowing the grape skin soaked in the juice for several hours which greatly helps in attaining its beautiful colour. After achieving the desired hue which is known as saignee, French word for bleeding, grape skin will be discarded and fermentation of the juice will start at its desired temperature. It is during the fermentation process that the alluring aromatic smell of it is attained. And its sparkling rose colour is perfectly created by mixing the red as well as the white wine. Followed in this process is the stabilisation, the clarification and the bottling of the wine.

Another mouth-watering wine is the Margaret River Shiraz which is also made from the finest quality variety of grapes. This is successfully and perfectly processed with glistening cherry red colour with sweet floral scent. Its enticing taste is a great combination which you can have with delicious cakes such as Black Forest. Margaret River Shiraz is a sensational wine that has been well liked by greatly acclaimed wine tasters in the world.

Margaret River Rose and Margaret River Shiraz are great wines that you can serve in any kind of occasion – especially during summer time. These are world class wines that Australia proudly produced for wine lovers.