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Land Surveyors Margaret River & Bunbury

Surveying is great science as well as an art. People who want to become surveyors are normally well versed with science, especially physics along with mathematics with special focus on geometry and trigonometry. Surveying is a technique that is normally used to define the area of land and for mapping purposes by governmental and non-governmental organizations as well. A surveyor would measure the size and the shape of the land, determine the boundaries of the land in order to ensure the possession by any entity collect data and interpret or analyze and also develop some charts and maps through which urban, rural or regional development can take place.

Bunbury Land Sureveyors

To become a surveyor, one must obtain a university degree in the respective field, specialize in any of the branches and become the member of the various surveyor institutions on state and national level. There are various kinds of surveyors and they are mentioned below.

  • Land Surveyor- These type of surveyors normally work in order to measure the shape and the size of the land, apply various codes and formulas in order to get a three dimensional images etc. Land surveyors in Margaret River are also called Boundary Surveyors in Margaret River. Their main aim is to set and define the boundaries of the land in possession of an individual or a legal entity. They would re-measure the property, frame the lines of boundaries and also create maps in order to get the correct picture. They are also widely employed for the sale and purchase of homes so that an accurate measurement of land is achieved. They are also known as Cadastral Surveyors.
  • Engineering Surveyors- These surveyors are generally employed in projects relation to civil engineering like the construction of roads, railway lines, pipelines, tunnels, sewer lines and also on commercial construction spaces. They measure the land; map the area and present ideas for the best utilization of the available space.
  • Topographic Surveyor- A topographic surveyor is quite like a land surveyor only but the major difference is that the land surveyors work for smaller spaces of land at one time. On the other hand, topographic surveyors measure and collect information about the physical features and the topography of a region and all the natural features making up the area.
  • Mortgage survey- This is a very simple survey and can be compared with boundary survey. The data collection from such a survey is mostly used by mortgage companies who want to accurately measure a land before granting loans.