South West Jewellery – a demand of royalty since ages

Southwest jewellery has been a successful market of trade since history. Specialized in delivering high quality jewellery encompassing the best of turquoise, its outstanding look is what has made it popular worldwide. Offered design and shapes by Hispanic or contemporary artists, Southwest jewellery is usually designed with the help of coral, turquoise, sterling silver and various other gemstones that gel well offering a good contrast. A magnificent blessing for the women, adding a royal persona to an individual’s look, Southwest jewellery has various classifications. A list of those classifications is mentioned below:-

  1. Indian Navajo Southwest jewellery- the Indian Navajo Southwest jewellery is a product of fancy work done on silver either by engraving, stamping or by hand created filigree. The Indian Navajo Southwest jewellery mainly incorporates the presence of personal preference of Navajo people which is a turquoise. Existing since centuries, Turquoise is believed to be a sky stone on earth gifted by the heavenly father. Not only this, it is even associated in bringing prosperity and good luck. Initially the jewellery had a restricted domain of Navajo people however with changing times it soon began to get exported and now it is considered to be a souvenir of southwest adventure.
  2. Indian Zuni Southwest jewellery- the highlight of these jewelleries is the stone work accommodated in simple silver designs to showcase the cutting abilities. Pettipoint and Needlepoint are its common constructions using tiny stones for designing necklaces, earring, bracelets, rings etc. However, unique and very colourful jewellery using turquoise and other gemstones are also utilized for designing Indian Zuni Southwest jewellery.
  3. Indian Hopi Southwest jewellery-the Indian hopi Southwest jewellery has been famous worldwide for its excellent fine overlay work shown on silver. The common mechanism involved in building Hopi Southwest jewellery is designing intricate designs on one sheet, followed by soldering it with another sheet and then finally presenting an Indian hopi Southwest jewellery. The Indian hopi Southwest jewellery is unique and only designed by highly sorted artists possessing years of experience and skills in their hands.

Jewellers South West

Thus, the SouthWest jewellery is usually classified into the above genres of jewellery. Immensely beautiful and classy to wear, the South west jewellery has always been ruling the market of clean intricate design jewellery since centuries. In fact, the jewellery has been a common preference among the common people and why wouldn’t it be owing to the magnificent designs and the excellent usage of contrasting gemstones to magnify its beauty.

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