Include Margaret River on your Wine Tour Itinery

If you are planning your Australia trip then one thing that you must not miss is the fabulous Australian wines. Australia is the 4th largest produces and exporter of wine around the world. More then sixty producing regions are established around Australia. Southern region of the country is the largest producer in this territory. Let’s have a glimpse of some popular Australian wines that you will enjoy on your trip.

Shiraz is the type of grapes commercially grown in various parts of Australia alongside the Margaret River. This type of grape is used to make high quality and exclusive Australian red wine. Margaret River Shiraz is considered as warm marine climate situated in the south of Perth in western region of the country. Shiraz grapes are commercially grown here for making finest quality of red wine. The Margaret river wine lovers around the world find Shiraz in different flavors including spicy, crimson, raspberry and cinnamon.


The region of Margaret River wine is also compared with some of best wine grape growing regions in France. Bordeaux is the most famous grape producing region in France. In dry season, the region produces grapes that considered in one of the best type of grapes for producing wine around the world. The humidity and the temperature of the place are perfect for growing excellent quality grapes. The similar type of climate is also recorded at Margaret River Shiraz.

The climate of Margaret River Shiraz is the most powerful factor of growing excellent quality of grapes. It is considered as Mediterranean climate with slightly warm temperature that is perfect for growing wine grapes. The area considers ideal quantity of rain at the correct time that makes it more wonderful for growing wine grapes.

Apart from Shiraz there are various other popular Australian wines. Chardonnay is one of them. It is a white wine drink by people all around the world. This is made through the white grapes in Australia. Chardonnay made of grapes grown in warm climatic regions of the country known for their melon like taste whereas Chardonnay made of grapes grown in cool climates known for their peach taste.

Semillon is a French wine but also produced in various regions of Australia. This is produced through before-time ripen grapes. Semillon is considered as one of the tastiest and aromatic wines in Australia.

Australia also produces many other good quality and world famous wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Pinot Noir. Thus, if you are planning you Australia tour in this summer, then must enjoy some fabulous drinks to make your trip just amazing.