Things to do in Norseman

Norseman Accommodation and Attractions

In 1894, a gold prospector named Laurie Sinclair was camping with his horse and accidently discovered a gold nugget while pawing at the soil. The name of the horse was Hardy Norseman and later the town was named after him and till date it still remains the only town in the country to be named after an animal. This very quiet town got its fair share of tourists attraction due to its gold mines, people started flocking to town by staying in Norseman accommodation and Norseman hotel and looking for gold.

Norseman-HotelThe town has been able to preserve its olden days even in today’s world and is known for its old buildings with unique architecture and not much has changed since its original construction. There are many attractions that the town offers to the tourists, the main attraction is the campsites that were previously uses by prospectors for gold. You can also visit the Dundas rocks and the lone grave, these rocks are nearly 550 million years old and there is a mysterious grave lying next to it, it can be a great opportunity for barbequing and having picnics. You even visit the bronze statue of the horse after which the town got its name or the tin camels on the main road built as a tribute to the camel trains that were used for transportation of gold in the old days. You can even visit the Boulder highway and suddenly find a wild animal on the middle of the road or visit Mt. Jimberlana to explore its natural beauty. There is also a doll museum if you are interested in visiting or right next to it, there is a great little coffee shop that serves a great cup of cappuccino and hamburgers and you can even buy some souvenirs along. The Norseman hotel or the locals at your Norseman accommodation will help you to plan your trips so that you don’t miss out on any of the attractions.

Finding a good Norseman accommodation is a little tough as there are not many Norseman hotel options available. Norseman Great Western Motel is the only premium motel option available that has timber construction, a pool and a licensed restaurant that offers good home cooked food apart from options like Gateway Caravan Park and Fraser Range Station. It is advisable to plan your trip in advance and book your rooms in advance so that you can get the accommodation of your choice.