Keeping warm in winter

When the winter gets really severe, it is important that you have a good reliable source of heating you keep you warm at all times. There are different kinds of heaters one can use for heating and the most efficient one include the wood heaters and the gas heaters and there has been a never ending debate about the better heater of the two. Whether you are a wood heater person or a gas heater person, you will find enough options in wood heaters and gas heaters to your liking as both the heaters have their advantages and disadvantages.

Gas HeatersĀ 

If you are a person that like convenience than gas heater would be preferred over wood heaters as they cause very little mess and require lesser time to set up. Another advantage is that they are much cheaper compared to gas heater and are often available in portable size and shapes. They do not burn any fossil fuels like wood therefore, they are much cleaner and produce very little carbon dioxide and less smoke compared to wood heaters. Besides you can adjust the heater capacity of the gas heaters Bunbury and they are also marked with star ratings which indicate the energy efficiency. However, the disadvantage of using these heaters is that they produce certain types of gases during combustion and there needs to be adequate ventilation and outlet for letting these gases escape.

wood-heaters-bunburyWood HeatersĀ 

Wood heaters are known as traditional heaters producing warm and natural heat. Firewood is often used as the source of fuel because it generates more heat and the fire lasts longer and does not get extinguished easily. Therefore, once the heater is started, there is always a slow fire burning through it. Since the fuel is renewable source of energy, availability of fuel is hardly an issue and it is cheaper than gas. If low combustion wood heaters Bunbury are used, they produce economical results and give you even more value for your money. The biggest disadvantage of using wood heaters is that that require a lot of time and a lot of energy needs to be spent for them to heat up and burning the fuel and arranging all the components. Also, as it produces more smoke, there is more carbon dioxide in the air which means there is more pollution and you need to have a chimney to let the smoke escape.