Do you need Psychotherapy?

Life gets hard sometimes. In tough times, there are some who manage coping with the situation, and some who find it difficult to deal with their emotions. It is quite a common phenomenon and people from all walks of life deal with emotional distress from time to time. In tough times we immediately turn to our families for support. Talking about our feelings and letting out pent up emotions is all a part of the process. Individuals who are closed or those who have no one to talk to have it more difficult than the rest. Emotional trauma and mental health conditions develop in individuals who cannot regain control of their emotional health. This is why the need for Psychotherapy arises.

Psychotherapy is a treatment which helps deal with emotions and mental health conditions of people. It is an ongoing debate that Psychotherapy and Counseling are both the same; the only differentiating point being that Counseling is for short term emotional and mental issues, while Psychotherapy digs deeper into issues related to child hood, trauma, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, substance abuse and borderline personality disorder.

Individuals who seek psychotherapy may choose to do so in the presence of a licensed psychotherapist, preferably one that is associated with a recognized body. One can opt for individual sessions, or choose to take their parent, spouse or sibling along with them, or even attend a group therapy. Each session is for about 50 – 60 minutes and you are charged by the hour. You can find a list of the best Psychotherapists in Bunbury in your local internet database.


There are different variations to therapies that come under Psyschotherapy; these are Psychodynamic psychoterapy, Cognitive behavioural therapy, Cognitive analytical therapy, family and marital therapy, and humanistic and interpersonal therapy. Psychotherapists help you deal with your emotional issues by suggesting attitude and behavioural changes. You can discuss all your personal issues with your Psychotherapist without worrying about what people will think. As part of the Doctor-Patient confidentiality, therapists are not at liberty to share or discuss their cases with the outside world.

An increasing number of people are seeking Psychotherapy and Counsellors in Bunbury. The number of Psychotherapists in Bunbury has gone up due to the increase in demand. If you feel that you or any of your friends or family members are showing signs of emotional distress, you should talk to them, or tell them to speak to a professional.