Efficient storage tips for your home

How you store things in your house has a direct impact on the smooth functioning of your every day life. If you have your things stored in an organized manner, a lot of time is saved in looking for things in different drawers and cupboards. There are many smart storage ideas which can help eradicate clutter from different parts of your home. Just by making these minor changes, your home can look organized, clean and clutter free.

Let’s start with the heart of your home – the kitchen. An ideal kitchen must have lots of storage space to keep tableware and cutlery, cooking appliances, pots & pans and drinkware. When you plan your kitchen, g big and small size wide drawers made to store heavy and light kitchenware. Install slim and wide drawers for the cutlery and, deep and wide ones for cooking utensils and tableware. Have a rack just above the sink to hang all utensils that come out of the dishwasher, or the ones that are used daily. Install a few cabinets for kitchen supplies too! Check out the home stores in Bunbury to help you find suitable designs of storage friendly kitchens.


For the bedroom, opt for box beds to increase storage space for your bed linen, duvets, etc. Get tall closets where you can store off season clothes on top. If you like to hang your clothes, ensure that there is enough hanging space. Apart from that, have plenty of shelves on one side of the closet to keep foldable clothes and lingerie. If you don’t have space for a shoe rack, you can always pick up hanging racks from any home store.

Your laundry area is another place which needs to be clutter free. Hang a laundry bag where all your family members can dump the dirty laundry. They save space and don’t cause obstructions in walking around too. Place all your detergents and cleaning agents on a clean, dry and open shelf. These have chemicals and must be stored hygienically.

Get decorative boxes for small things which otherwise scatter themselves in drawers. When you put away boxes of storage, it’s always a great idea to label the boxes so you don’t have to open all of them to find just one thing. Simple steps like these can eradicate the extra expenses incurred on hiring Bunbury self storage space or Bunbury storage unit too.