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Norseman is a small town in close vicinity to Perth in Western Australia. The town has a history of gold mining near the Lake Dundas, and is said to have been discovered by Laurie Sinclair in the year 1894. It is believed that Norseman was named after Laurie Sinclair’s horse Hardy Norseman who was tied to a tree; soon after, Laurie discovered that Hardy had uncovered a gold nugget under his hoof. In honour of Norseman, there is a bronze statue of him at the location. The town still continues to be a hub for gold mining. It has increasingly gained popularity as it serves as a gateway to the Nullarbor Plain. In Norseman and beyond, tourists discover the real Western Australian culture and the vast woodlands and salt water lakes amongst many other attractions.

Travel and accommodation in Norseman is easy if you plan your trip in advance. You can visit the tourist center or browse online for the major attractions and accommodation options to suit your budget. One of the major attractions in town is the Norseman Park, a working gold mine which has a great view of the Nullarbor from the lookout point. If you like great views and a round of golf, then you have the chance of playing golf at the Nullarbor Links Golf Course – the longest golf course in the world. The Beacon Hill lookout is another place for a great view of the countryside.


The Historical Collection is worth seeing. It has local memorabilia and old equipment which was used in the gold mines. This collection also has a piece of Skylab – the 1st American space station. The Phoenix Trailing Dump is another attraction. It serves as a backdrop to Norseman and it is believed there is still a large amount of gold in there.

The Norseman Great Western Travel Village is a great place to stay while you’re there. You can also choose to stay at the Norseman Great Western Motel. It is an up beat and modern motel with an under ground swimming pool. The Norseman Hotel lends a country club feel. If you would like something adventurous, you could get a caravan at the Norseman Caravan Park. They even allow pets on a leash. Lodge 101 is a popular choice among backpackers. It offers budget accommodation with basic facilities like television and a running kitchen.

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