Margaret River Wedding celebration
Margaret River Wedding celebration

One of the most popular types of Margaret River wedding venues seems to be wineries. There are quite a number of Margaret River wineries that cater to wedding parties.  If this type of venue is what you have in mind for your special day, there are a few tips you should be aware in order to get the best use out of a winery wedding.

Wineries look their beast in all seasons

Wineries look their best at specific times of the year. You don’t want to have your wedding during the off season when there’s no greenery to be found. Visiting the venue during the time of year you’re considering as your wedding date is a good way to determine if things will be a good match or not.

Remember that every season has drawbacks. If you’re considering a Margaret River winery wedding venue, you need to be aware of pollinating plants in the spring and possible insect annoyance in the summer as well as rainy season. Of course you can discuss this with the winery management and take their suggestions into consideration such as a screened marquee or perhaps bug spray for the guests! Make sure you let your guests know ahead of time that the wedding will be outdoors so they can come prepared.

Natural beauty at wineries

While a Margaret River wedding winery does offer stunning natural beauty for your special day, what are its indoor facilities like? You need to know if its facilities can handle the number of guests you’re planning to invite adequately and if there’s necessities such as easy water and electricity access for your caterer, musicians and other suppliers.

Have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Even if you study the weather patterns for days, sometimes even with the best laid plans can go awry. Hire a marquee that has side curtains, put out umbrellas, ask for access to any inside areas if needed. Don’t take the chance of your Margaret River venue wedding being ruined by a down pour!

Winery Weddings

One of the best ways to determine if a Margaret River winery venue is the ideal choice for your wedding celebration is to take a winery tour as far in advance as possible. You can also visit an online directory that lists Margaret River wedding venues. These dedicated sites have listings of wineries, suppliers and information that can help you to plan your wedding day with ease. Margaret River has some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Australia that make for a very memorable day.