Your wedding story is as unique as you are, so why should you have wedding photos that aren’t? Finding the right Perth wedding photographer will help you get those totally unique photos that truly reflect your wedding story.

So how do you add that uniqueness and individuality to your wedding photos?

  • Hire the right Perth wedding photographer
  • Mix it up- vary your shots
  • Location, location, location
  • It’s all in the details

Having a photographer whose style and creativeness match what you’ve got in mind for your wedding photo shoot is very important. You also want to select a Perth wedding photographer who has the experience and technical capability to handle your requirements. An experienced photographer who is flexible in their methods is the ideal solution, especially one who likes to add their own twist on things.

For a truly unique take on the standard wedding day shots, mix things up. Get your photographer to use different points of view for the usual group shots. If you stick with the same style all through your wedding day shoot, then you’ll just wind up with ho-hum photos like everybody else. Perhaps have a range of styles incorporated such as candid, formal, journalistic or fashion shoot inspired. Using unusual composition and framing, playing with light and shadows and colour tones also adds to the variety.

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Make the most of your wedding shoot location in Perth or ceremony and reception venue. Look for unusual aspects such as a hidden corner in the garden, staircases, and oversized windows. A visit beforehand to the shoot location or your wedding venue with your photographer can help you get better ideas of places to create a one of a kind photo.

For the little touches in a photo that make it uniquely yours, think about the details. Unusual colours in your accessories, your wedding day attire, the rings or your bouquet. Perhaps a love note scribbled on a scrap of paper and photographed with your ring. It’s these little details that will bring out the deeper emotions you’re feeling on your wedding day. An experienced Perth wedding photographer will have some excellent ideas as well. Remember, it’s your love story –so get creative.

Your wedding day photos are not only a source of enjoyment, but are moments frozen in time to help you recall the way you felt on that special day. Don’t just settle for generic photos that will make your particular wedding story look like everybody else’s. Make it yours- make it unique with a Perth wedding photographer who understands.