All about Timber and Bamboo Flooring Choices

When going for a timber flooring to be done in your home the biggest problem that you may face is that you may not know where to start. The various options in the market make it all very confusing to select the right choice for the needs which you may have. Doing a detailed research is very important and these are a few things that you should get yourself informed about:

Luxury Wood Flooring 2.19 About timber floors

The first thing to consider is the grade of timber you wish to use; there is an option for you to choose from a standard grade timber which will give you a natural look with your floors or you could opt for a character grade timber which will help you get a more decorative and stylish look.

The next thing that is to be considered about the timber floor Busselton is the color, which all really depends on your taste; there are generally three colors to choose from, namely red, cream and brown. You should also pay attention to the technical details like the hardness and durability of the timber floors; making sure that there is a high degree of resistance to bacterial infestations because of the ends as well as resistance to getting damaged by moisture. Also be sure to find out the exact timber you would be requiring to finish the flooring of a room (depends upon the size in which each plank is cut). The size in which the planks are cut can also be decided by you or you could hire an expert to guide you. To make the flooring more attractive, you could even opt for different finishes. The best way to protect the timber flooring from getting damaged just by the most careless scratches is to cover it up by rugs and carpets. Care should be taken to not move furniture around immediately after the varnish has been applied and protection from direct sunlight with the help of curtains.

 The bamboo flooring options

In a similar fashion, the bamboo floors could be the best alternative to your hardwood flooring. You will be able to decide the look you need for your flooring with bamboo. Whether it should be a natural look or whether it should be more fancy and decorative. You can even decide what color it is that you want for the flooring. The bamboo floors in Busselton have been a popular alternative to hardwood flooring because of its status as an Eco-friendly material and also because of its inherent property to resist insects and moisture damage.