The Role of a Good Land Surveyor

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There are a lot of services which a Surveyor usually provides and they play different roles. The main role which they play is making the bonds for your property. This includes the determination of area of the land of a property. This is not usually why the Surveyors are famous for. They are called upon to check on the lands and check the property the way a property officer does.  The roles played by the Land Surveyors are mentioned below.


Determining the amount of Land owned

When a person is planning to buy a property, then the Surveyors are called upon so that they can help out with the area which is owed by them. The boundary Surveyor can tell you where your area starts from and where it ends. There are times the amount of land you own tends to differ because of the land erosion or maybe just moving earth for that matter. But this does not change the amount of land you will have because the sq. feet obviously remain the same. Bunbury Boundary Surveyors help you assess the area of land which belongs to you and clears the difference which must have occurred because of land erosion.

Clearing Disputes

The land erosion factor might also lead to disputes between the other land owners when you plan to change your boundary. The land erosion leads to the confusion and calling a Surveyor becomes more of a necessity to get things clear. The Surveyor clears the issues by checking the papers and then measuring the lands of both the parties. There are times the land Surveyor checks the papers owned by the previous residents of the house to check what the exact area was. The Surveyor will get the iron rods or even pipes placed on the area so that the confusion does not arise in future and both the parties know who owns what. Even if a dispute occurs in the future, the rods and the pipes will help you determine the actual square meter and further confusion will be solved.

Busselton Land Surveyors are of great help when it comes to property matters or any other land or boundary related issue. They can solve your disputes by calculating the exact result and giving you the inside out information about the property you own or are planning to get.

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