Tree lopping and Tree Removal not the same thing

There are a lot of people who think that tree lopping and tree removal is the same thing. But a very few of them know that they are entirely different things. The difference between the two might even surprise you.


Tree Lopping

When the upper half of the tree is removed from the tree or the main stem is removed, it is called tree lopping. This process is also called hat-racking. Prior to 1983, tree lopping was a very common practice in the tree industry. This was mainly due to lack of training and certification. But now, people usually prefer cross cutting the trees or simply leaving behind the remaining part of the tree. The tree lopping however has a big drawback, which is that when the trees are cut and left, the malformed stubs might be formed. This might create a lot of problems for the tree in the future. The pest penetration, intrusion, jointed regrowth and internal decay becomes very common for the tree.

Tree Removal

The tree removal on the other hand is a process where the trees are removed completely from the roots. This process is also called tree felling. The way in which the tree is removed depends upon its size of the tree and the area required dropping it. Cutting the tree from its base and then cutting it into pieces is the best way to remove the tree. The tree then can be disposed. This process is usually practiced in the residential and commercial areas because simply making it drop can lead to a lot of damage to the people as well as the buildings.

We can see very clearly how the tree lopping is different from tree removal.  People usually use the two terms interchangeably because of the fact that they lack experience and in depth knowledge about the same. At times it is simply used because the people fail to describe the phenomenon and then use tree removal for tree lopping in order to make it easier. It is very important for you to have a clear understanding of the two terms so that you can explain the professional about your requirement and do not get into the confusion when the work is wrongly done. Researching about the whole concept before you go to a professional becomes really important. If you live in the WA you can contact Perth Tree Lopping for tree removal in Perth.