The Best Home Storage Ideas

There are lots of homes in Bunbury which have lots of wasted space in their living areas. The idea is to find these unutilized spaces and then use them more efficiently. Before you embark on your drive to store your things in your newly found extra space, it is necessary that you ensure that you really need to keep those items which you are storing. These is why it is of utmost importance that you take a closer look at your things and then decide as to what items you wish to discard and which items you really need. Here are some of the places in your home which you can utilize as an extra home storage space:

The bathroom: In your bathroom if you have some empty space under the sink and over the toilet then by placing a sort of a shelf under the sink of your bathroom you will be easily able to store cleaning items, towels, and soap. The unutilized space over your toilet can double up as an excellent place for some shelves so that you are able to keep extra hand towels and bath salts. A handy man will be able to position a shelf near the shower so that you are able to keep your bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and soaps.

Hallways: Your hallway is an excellent place to display your precious artwork and your exquisite collectibles in recessed shelves. A shelf which has been strategically placed over the door can be easily installed by a professional and it will allow you to create more extra space so that you are able to store lots of things such as your mementos and decorations. They will also install a hat rack behind the door to hold caps, hats and scarves.


Kitchen: The kitchen in your home has lots of wasted space. But not anymore as a handyman will be able to locate available spaces for storage over the refrigerator or even next to the refrigerator, your corner cabinets and under the sink. If it at all it is required then they will even modify the doors or cabinets to make that space available for storage.

Other storage ideas: Bunbury Self Storage offer spaces for hire for anything in your house from boxers of books to boats and caravans. If you decided to rent a storage space then you will have made lots of available space to store almost everything which you have and in this way you will not have to clutter up your home. Contact Bunbury Storage today.