The uses of Steinert Magnets

Steinert magnets are a product of Steinert Australia, which is a company that offers solutions on how to manage wastes. The company is involved with sorting and recycling any recyclable wastes and recovery of products.

This is one of the ways of reducing environmental waste that are detrimental to any society. Environmental wastes can cause pollution of land and water sources and cause very many health issues for the population living around the disposal points. It is therefore essential to consult the services of Steinert Australia to minimize any environmental hazards.

The Steinert magnets are suspension magnets that are very essential in the recycling of wastes. These suspension magnets have different designs that enable concrete recycling and reclamation of solid wastes. The most pollution in urban area is due to solid waste such as waste paper, plastics, and scrap metal. The recycling of concrete is a very complicated and requires heavy-duty machinery. They are also have a feature that helps the unit to be cleaned manually and it can clean itself. The machinery is also armoured and can endure harsh conditions.

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Special features of the Steinert magnets It has magnetic flux that makes it more powerful. The control of the flux also makes it possible to work on different projects of different requires.It has a permanent magnetism that never fades. This results in no operations costs that are related to increasing the power of the magnet or replacing the magnets.It has uniform magnetic field that enhances its performanceIt is shipped to the buyers when it has already been assembled to make it easy to useIt mounts objects at any angle so it can be used under any circumstances.

Applications of the Steinert magnets:

E-wastes recycling

With increasing technological advancement, there is a new type of waste that has been introduced into the environment, electronic wastes. These wastes are accumulating at a very high rate because of the high number of bulky electronics that are becoming obsolete. These wastes have components with valuable metals such as copper, aluminium, stainless steel and platinum that can be recycled and reused. The are used to extract these metals from a bulk of waste material.

Scrap metal recycling

This type of waste can be used to manufacture a variety of equipment from the scrap metal. These metals can also be smelted and purified to form alloys in industries. The Steinert magnets can be used to extract these metals from arable of wastes

Municipal Solid Wastes

This a very good source of secondary raw materials that can be acquire from sorting through the waste using the Steinert magnets. These wastes have metals, textiles and plastics that have salvageable value. In the case that the value of the wastes is low, the waste can still be used to manufacture residue driven fuels such as briquettes.

The Steinert magnets are very important machinery in the field of solid waste management. The management of solid wastes is not the only benefit of using Steinert magnets but also generation of small-scale income.