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Perth Bobcat hire companies provide excavators, skid steer loaders, Hiab trucks and other machines to individuals, private companies, civil contractors, municipal councils and government departments. These companies have a wide range of earth moving demolition and transportation equipment in various sizes. They also provide Bobcat attachments to enhance your job. Although most Bobcats automatically come with buckets and pallet forks, some tasks may require extra attachments such as backhoes, posthole diggers, barrel clamps, tillers, chippers and mowers.

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Bobcat Attachments

Utility Fork

Utility forks make it easier for you to transfer and handle bulk materials. Perth Bobcat hire companies often rent utility forks to farms and ranches due to their sturdy tapered teeth. They are especially useful for handling bundled material or loose, hard-to-grab material such as straw or manure. The forks feature a simple mounting system which makes it quite easy for you to attach and detach the utility fork.

Maintenance of this attachment is made easy by the availability of replacement teeth. You can also add more teeth to the utility fork to narrow the spaces between fork lines.

 Utility Grapple

If you are handling loose materials, your Perth Bobcat hire company may recommend coupling a utility fork with a utility grapple for greater holding ability. The teeth of the grapple are curved in a way that allows them to pull materials into the grapple more easily.

Back Hoe

Adding a back hoe attachment to a Bobcat, automatically turns it into an excavator. Despite the size of your loader, you should be able to find a backhoe to fit your machine. This attachment is suitable for excavation tasks at landscaping sites, digging sewage systems and septic tanks and excavations tasks related to the maintenance of water and power lines.

If you hire a Backhoe attachment from a Perth Bobcat hire service, you can achieve digging depths of between 6 and 11 feet. Also, its ease of attachment allows you to switch from one job to the next without much trouble.


The auger attachment allows you to dig holes in a speedy and accurate manner. This attachment has a high torque that keeps it steady even when you are working on hard rocky soil. The auger has the ability to bite into the soil with ease. The Bobcat design of the auger attachment has very few grease points and thus is very easy to maintain. This by extension reduces down time and operating costs and saves the Perth Bobcat hire service money in maintenance costs.

 Angle Broom

If you need to sweep away debris, dirt from a parking lot, driveway or sidewalk, you should consider using the angle broom attachment. This hydraulically driven attachment can be used to complete removal jobs without damaging the surface.

The bristles of this broom feature a wave design which allows it to remove debris in a single pass. By default, the angle broom sweeps debris away from the machine. However, you can angle the broom in such a way as to sweep debris to the side.

With the wide range of Bobcat attachments on offer by Perth Bobcat hire companies, you can complete just about any excavation, earth moving or transportation job.