How to Choose a Perth Photographer for Your Wedding?

Like everything else in a wedding, photographs also play a very important role in making your day special. The wedding day maybe over but the pictures live with you forever reminding you of the beautiful moments that you shared with your better half. Hence, it is imperative to hire a professional photographer for your wedding to turn it into a perfect event. Here are some tips to help you choose a Perth photographer for your wedding and make it a day to remember.

Previous work

It is advisable to look at the photographer’s previous work history. You can ask him to share a list of his clientele with you and ask if you can get references from them. A photographer’s portfolio speaks for itself, hence always ask him to show you pictures of the events he has covered and make sure you ask him to show you a variety in his work. You can get a better idea of his experience and versatility by looking at different kind of projects he has handled.

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Family Portrait Photo


Every photographer has his own unique style. You should look for a photographer who will suit your needs. Some couples go for traditional pictures on their wedding day and want family portraits but others want something different like solo poses shot in varied locations and some prefer candid and natural shots. Think and decide what you want for your special day and then shortlist photographers who work in that genre of photography.


The best thing to do when looking for a Perth photographer is to ask family and friends to recommend someone. You can see the work that a photographer has done for them and get a firsthand look at his portfolio.

Still Photography and Videos

Many photographers also offer to make wedding videos along with taking pictures. You can get a good discount if you let one company handle both these aspects plus they will already be aware of your taste and can produce the video in the same style as you would prefer.

Time Scales

Sometimes photographers take too much time to develop the prints, make sure you agree on timescales with your photographer before giving him your custom.


Creating a wedding album can be an expensive affair. Hence, set aside a budget for spending on wedding photography. Find a photographer who can deliver service and quality images within your budget. It’s better to get the photographer to burn a CD for you with all the pictures on it. This way, you can print the ones that you really like rather than having a whole load of them printed on an album. This will reduce the cost of printing considerably and you can still have a collection of pictures to save and share with family and friends when you want.

A professional Perth photographer can turn your wedding day into a long lasting memory. Hence follow the above tips to find someone who can understand your taste and is reliable.