Jobs that a Jewellery Designer Can Do


Are you looking for  Jewellers in Busselton? There are many different ta?ks that a jeweller is able to provide for you. If you need a jewellery designer in Busselton here are some of the things that they can offer you.


Most Jewellers are able to perform repairs on your pieces of jewellery. This can include adding a link to a chain or replacing broken piece son your jewellery with new if the item can be repaired. Jobs can be simple or complex and it all depends what you need. Most jewellery can be repaired can a qualified jeweller has the skills to do most of these repairs and get your jewellery looking like new again.

Ring Sizes

Another basic task that a jeweller is able to do is resize rings so they fit properly on your finger. We all have different finger sizes and a good jewellery designer will be able to get your expensive ring to fit just right on your hand. Ring sizing is a very common alteration done on a ring. Other alterations may be an extra jewel added to a ring or they can etch words into a ring or other jewellery piece if you wish.

Custom Work

A good jewellery designer is able to do custom work based upon your individual specifications. You’ll need to have a good idea of exactly what you want before you have a custom piece done. Not all jewellers will do custom work so you might have to conduct some research to find one that’s able to make th? piece of jewellery that you’re looking for. A jeweller that is able to do custom work is highly skilled in their profession and they can make you just about anything that you want. You’ll pay top dollar for most custom pieces depending upon the stones and the types of materials you want to use for the jewellery piece.


Wedding Ring Design

Some jewellers are able to do engagement or wedding ring designs. This is ideal if you want some type of matching set. They can combine the engagement ring with the wedding band so you have two cherished pieces of jewellery to wear. Make sure you ask the jeweller if this is an option that they provide as not all of them do.


It can be problematic at home to clean your own jewellery. A good jeweller has the right types of polish and tools to get your jewellery as clean as possible so it sparkles. If you have older pieces of jewellery then taking then to a qualified jeweller can make those pieces look like new again.

Ask About Services

To find out everything that your jeweller does you’ll need to ask because not every jeweller offers every service. Some jewellers for example specialize in handcrafted items while others don’t offer this service. Spend some time and conduct research before you settle on any jeweller to do the work you want done.