Tips to Winterise Your Caravan for Storage

Winterizing your caravan is a matter of great concern and people often fail in this aspect.

Ensure to remove all clothes, bed linen and soft furnishings that have the potential to get affected by damp and get the caravan cleaned externally and internally.

All foods kept in the fridge and cupboards must be removed and the doors must be left opened slightly to prevent musty odors and you may spray WD40 on any piano hinges.

Make sure all the windows and roof lights are closed and use a maintenance spray to avoid sticking seals. It is imperative to check if the vents are not obstructed and you may use a dehumidifier to prevent damp occurring and all blinds and curtains must be closed to ensure security. You may fit your chimney cowl with a cowl cover to prevent ingress of rain, sleet or snow.

caravan_storage_Bunbury_2To optimize the security of the caravan and minimize the risk of theft you may jack up the caravan ,making use of bottle or screw jacks to detach the wheels from the ground , and be informed do not use corner steadies , and you may support the axle using stands to detach the wheels off the ground and preferably the wheels may be removed and the vehicle can be supported using stands that are bolted directly on to the wheel hubs ,such as Winterwheels, which can also be fitted with an immobilizing plate to avoid risks of theft.

You may position the corner steadies at a lower level to just touch the ground but without taking any weight and for security concerns, consider locking the steadies.

To avoid degradation if the wheels are left on, ensure to inflate the tyres, chock the wheels and keep them covered and rotate them periodically to lubricate the wheel bearings and you may initiate to fit wheel clamps for security.

You may release the handbrake but ensure that the hitch is fully extended so that there is no undue load on the braking system and grease the coupling and cover for protection and consider using a hitch lock to avoid thefts.

In case the site is located in an area which is exposed to high winds, you may anchor the chassis securely to the ground.

To avoid frozen water damage during the winter months, ensure to drain the whole system down, following the manufacturer’s instructions, and make sure to drain all water carriers completely and leave the plugs off to avoid unwanted smells.

Use the Carver Cascade System where you need to heat the heater which aids in the draining process and then remove the drain plug which is found at the external area of the flue cowl. You can also activate the cold water drain plug located below the caravan close to the water inlet socket and then let the hot and cold water drain out. You can to the vehicle with the taps open. You need to unscrew the spouts and shower heads and ensure that water does not remain. Also remove all water filters and ensure that the pipe work has been disconnected so that the drainage is complete.

If you are still not confident then you can take help from caravan storage bunbury and ensure that your caravan is well taken care of.