Cyclone Yasi is in QLD now

Tropical Cyclone Yasi has now hit our Australian Queensland on the 2nd of January 2011.

This news and updates are being kept live via Twitter and all the news stations on TV and radio.

The nearly 300KM’s winds will cause a lot of damage to anything in it’s path.

Channel ABC 24 is broadcasting constant news about the cyclone. They are doing a great job with the constant interviews.

Here are a series of links to relevant websites and news sites for more information:

Here is a link to BOM’s Satellite chart for Yasi

BoM’s Home Page

BoM Static Picture of Yasi

Google’s Crisis Response Page

The Weather Channel’s Report on Yasi

A comparison of how Tropical Cyclone Yasi looks like over USA from Harold Sun.

ABC’s running news on Yasi

A collection of News Stories on YouTube from Queensland Police.

Solarwatche’s YouTube Channel on TC Yasi

Twitter Feed on Tropical Cyclone Yasi

Tags in Twitter to see other people’s tweets:

  • #Yasi
  • #TCYasi

Search Engine Optimisation Does Wonders for Websites

Businesses taking to the web to generate more exposure or profit are generally expecting big results because of the Internet’s reach and saturation of society. In order to have a successful web presence, a company must utilise a variety of tools to optimise their online appearance (SEO). Good Good’s Perth web design provides services to help companies get noticed in Western Australia, or anywhere their market happens to be.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is one of the best strategies for driving traffic to a website. More than 80% of traffic that visits popular sites originates from a search engine. This means that the majority of people go to a search provider, like Google, and type in keywords related to products, services or information. Once search results are displayed, people generally do not look past the first page or even the first handful of results. If they cannot find what they are looking for within these results, they enter a new query. This is where optimising a website for search engines comes in. By building a site in a specific way so that it is search engine friendly with carefully-chosen keywords, users are more likely to find your page in the first few organic results of a search query and visit your site for what they need. Good Good specialises in this “search engine science” and provides SEO services along with a host of other web services dedicated to helping companies establish their web presence.

The content on a company’s website is equally as important as functionality and sophistication. Users who visit a site tend to scan until they find the information they are looking for. If relevant keywords, products, services or other important information are not displayed in a way that grabs attention or is otherwise useful to the visitor, they will not stay at the site for very long. Good Good can also write SEO-optimised content for your site so that users can better find what they are looking for and are more likely to be converted to customers. Good content not only helps users have a better experience at your site but allows search engines to find your site more quickly and rank it higher in relevancy to user search queries. Modern business owners realise that the Internet is the new place to market products and services; however, sometimes the difficulty of not having a brick-and-mortar store front to draw attention leaves online businesses at a loss in terms of traffic.

Having a functional, attractive, user-friendly website is one part of the picture, but using tactics like SEO, content management and optimised page structure help to bolster a website in search results. In Perth, Good Good Web Design and Marketing is an expert in the area of content management web design services as well as search engine optimisation (SEO). You focus on your customers—let Good Good do the rest.

Good Good offer the following key web services:

Dentures Perth – What are Partial Dentures?

When it comes time to buy dentures in Perth, residents can choose a local denture specialist to help them find the right fit and the right type of dentures to suit their needs. Because there are several different types of dentures to choose from, working with an expert is absolutely essential.

There are two basic types of dentures that people can buy, the first being partial dentures and the second being full dentures. Full dentures are designed to completely replace an entire row of teeth in the event that you have none. If all of your teeth are in bad shape, then your dental surgeon will remove them and fit you for a full set of dentures. If on the other hand you have some teeth that are still strong and healthy, then you can get partial dentures instead. These dentures take advantage of the teeth you have for a stronger fit.

The partial dentures can take advantage of generally fit over the gums like normal, except that they have cut outs for any teeth that are still present in the row. For example, there may be holes to suit molars in the back, or teeth in the front of the row. When worn properly, these partial dentures combine the use of artificial teeth and real teeth to create a complete smile, and people that see you smile will not be able to tell the difference between your real teeth and the teeth provided by your dentures or dental implants.

There are a wide variety of different options for dentures that people can consider when deciding to repair their teeth. If you are interested in buying dentures, what you should do is sit down with a trained dental specialist who can go over your various options with you. Choosing the right type of dentures, implants or other dental procedures is vitally important in helping to secure a healthy smile. Partial dentures, full dentures, removable dentures and implant-retained dentures are just some of the temporary and permanent denture options that are available for improving the quality and the beauty of your smile.

In Perth, Western Australia, Morley Denture Professionals offer Perth Dentures for sale of new dentures and replacement should yours need the work.

Customer Service Above Brand Loyalty in Perth Hearing Aids

Once a person has been identified as having a hearing loss and in need of hearing assistance such as hearing aids, the options can be overwhelming to them. This is when trust is placed in the hearing clinic’s audiologists and technicians to guide the choices without bias. While there are many big brand names when it comes to Perth hearing aids, from Siemens and Oticon, Widex, Phonak and ReSound, fitting a person’s hearing aids has nothing to do with brand names. As a customer prepares to buy hearing aids, the individual needs and preferences are what matters, not a bottom line.

Independent clinics where Perth hearing aids are sold routinely have the privilege of offering clients a wide array of hearing aid choices regardless of name brand or bottom line. They are dedicated to putting customer service and the needs of the customer above brand loyalty and simply making a buck. This leads to the formation of a good relationship between the professionals at the clinic and the clients when the clients realise their specific needs are being considered first and foremost. Building such a relationship is important, for most hearing aid customers become long term customers.

Customer service in a business such as that of bringing hearing aids to those who need them is a cornerstone for success. Many if not all hearing aid customers will be long term customers due to the maintenance and repairs often needed along the way as well as the future replacement of the hearing aid devices. The ability to return to the hearing care clinic for help in keeping the hearing aids working up to par is a big deal for most hearing aid wearers. That sort of service is typically not charged for beyond the price of the hearing aids or parts and repairs that require outside help.

Perth hearing aids are easily found in the area wherever a reputable hearing care clinic is located. By visiting a hearing care clinic, customers can take care of all their hearing care needs, from tests and diagnostics to hearing aid options and purchases as well as the follow up that is needed in the days, months and even years after. For most customers, wearing hearing aids is a lifetime thing from that day forth. Good support is priceless in helping the wearer achieve maximum benefit from their equipment and is a good business practice as well.

Hearing Aids in Perth can be purchased at Vivid Hearing.

Sydney Hearing Aids

If you would like to buy hearing aids in Sydney or surrounds i.e. Blue Mountains you can have a central spot to go to for all your needs including:

  • Hearing Aids
  • Hearing Aid Batteries
  • Hearing Aid Accessories
  • Hearing Aid Clinics
  • Assistive hearing devices
  • Audiologists
  • Australian Government sites for hearing assistance

Choosing a new or replacement hearing aid may not be an easy task. This website has a collection of hearing aid clinics and suppliers who are based in Sydney or surrounds.

A list of Australian Government websites that assist with hearing impaired needs of people.

It’s important to do something about your hearing at an early stage of the development.

Hearing aids can make your live easier for you and your family.  Imagine not saying “what did you say” again.

Hearing aids are very hi tech these days and offer various amount of features, including wireless communications, so they both are in tune with each other.

It’s also worth considering going to an independent audiologist who is not affiliated with just one brand of hearing aids.  This way you’ll get a good sense of your options.  There around 10 major brands which offer hearing aids in Australia, and not all clinics stock all of them, so some research to which brand may be more suitable to you should be on your agenda. Naturally your audiologist will have views on what is best for you and it may come down to aesthetics as far as which hearing aid you’d like.

Battery life of hearing aids is also an important thing, and having access to a good supply of hearing aid batteries is necessary.  The Sydney Hearing Aids website lists some suppliers which can supply batteries at a discounted rate.

For hearing aids in Sydney and other hearing supplies, you can take a look at the website for more information.  And if you’d like to contribute with useful information or be listed, you are welcome to.

Becoming a Perth Wedding Celebrant – A Rewarding and Romantic Career

Are you looking for a way to make extra income or a retirement career?  Becoming a Perth wedding celebrant is fun way to make some extra money while helping couples tie the knot.  Western Australia government regulates the certification of wedding celebrants through the office of the Registrar of Wedding Celebrants.  After all requirements are met, the Registrar must approve applicants wishing to enter the profession as qualified to perform marriage ceremonies.  Wedding celebrants are not the same as registry office ceremonies.  They are an alternative to religious church ceremonies that can be performed at any location.

Becoming a Perth wedding celebrant is a straightforward experience.  The Australian government website has the steps laid out in an easy way to understand.  Australian wedding celebrants have been allowed since 1973, but in 2003 and 2009, requirements became stricter.  Now, prospective celebrants must pass a competency training course that is approved by the government, usually called a Certificate IV in Celebrancy.  Once meeting this requirement, prospective celebrants must turn in their registration application with the Registrar of Wedding Celebrants.

The curriculum requirements in a Certificate IV in Celebrancy course differ from the previous course Certificate IV in Marriage Celebrancy.  The new requirement has a broader scope.  The general courses train students in the protocols of the administrative organisation for celebrants, celebrancy role effectiveness, identification and fulfilment of client needs, relationship building focused communication skills, and the ethical and legal framework of celebrants.  Becoming a Perth wedding celebrant requires that you also take classes that acquaint you with your legal responsibilities for this specific role, skills for building a client-celebrant relationship with a couple, and plan, conduct and review a legal marriage ceremony.

Perth has beautiful wineries, parks, hills, rivers, beaches, resorts, hotels, museums, historic homes, and more to offer in the way of wedding venues.  Familiarising yourself with prime, or unusual, wedding locations can make you very marketable to couples seeking guidance in wedding planning.  Some wedding professionals offer all-inclusive services, where they plan the ceremony and reserve locations and rentals, photography, and flowers.  These particular wedding celebrants are especially popular with couples who are coming to Perth from other areas for a destination wedding.  Wedding celebrants may also specialise in ethic weddings or theme weddings in order to set their businesses apart from the crowd.  Becoming a Perth wedding celebrant is the first step on your way to a rewarding career that is helping couples have the wedding celebration of their dreams.

Kathryn Sturrock is a Wedding Celebrant in Perth.

Perth Web Design – What is It?

Now in its eighteenth year, the Internet has advanced to the point where pages are fast, functional and in many cases, replacing traditional modes of information, service and product delivery. Behind the scenes are web designers generating content for all sorts of different purposes. Companies thrive on the websites they create and even local municipalities and governments are utilising HTML design skills. Although building a website to keep up with today’s market is very complex, it is based on some very simple concepts. Designers like Good Good, offering Perth web design, use their mastery of these concepts to your advantage, helping your business establish itself in the online world. Utilising a CMS such as WordPress will make the end user’s requirement of a “self managed website” a breeze.

HTML—The Language of the Web

The first version of HTML, or hyper text mark-up language, was created about two decades ago, and has not changed much since its inception. Web designers build web pages using HTML tags, which are interpreted by a browser and subsequently displayed on your screen. In essence, HTML is the language web browsers like Safari or Internet Explorer use to display web content. HTML has not changed much; however, there are new document and file types in use by web developers today, such as CSS, or cascading style sheets, which allow designers to manipulate the way HTML is interpreted and displayed by a browser.

What does web design entail?

There are many options for web design in Perth, ranging from a large firm to an independent contractor or sole proprietor. Designers carry out duties such as assisting in determining a client’s goals for a website or suggesting some strategies that have worked for others. They also come up with a theme or layout for a client’s site and then undertake tasks such as building HTML and CSS pages, uploading them to the internet and performing maintenance on the site. Some Perth web design companies simply offer templates for users to fill in and develop themselves. Others, like Perth-based Good Good, are with you from beginning to end—designing and hosting your website, working on search engine optimisation, writing content for your website, and helping you to develop a web business strategy that works for you.

How does it all work?

The Internet, in its most basic form, is simply many computers connected together and communicating with one another. When you look up a certain webpage, your browser reads the HTML and associated documents and displays the content contained in the page accordingly. Making sure the browser can “read” your website correctly is a large part of what a design company like Good Good will do for a client.

For Web Design Perth, please visit Good Good On Line Marketing and Web Design.

Dentures Perth – How Will Dentures Change Your Lifestyle?

Perth, Australia offers a lengthy coastline comprised of uncrowded beaches which define the city’s lifestyle as being quiet, safe and laid back. In Perth, as with most of Australia, having good oral health is an important consideration. If you are looking for options to explore when it comes to dental health and are considering dentures Perth might be a solid place to find the dental care that you seek. The right dentist to work with for this purpose is going to be someone that specialises in dentures, as they will be able to provide you with the best level of care for your unique needs.

When it comes to dentures Perth residents will benefit from considering the lifestyle changes and benefits that will be available to them. If you have dental issues that you would like to rectify, such as missing or broken teeth, then dentures can be a smart move because they entail replacement of these teeth to create a full and healthy smile. There are different types of dentures for you to consider when you are looking into this possibility, including full dentures, partial dentures, removable dentures and implant-attached dentures. Each type of dentures offers a different experience depending on your situation.

Pertaining to the benefits of dentures Perth residents can rest assured that the right set of dentures is going to have numerous lifestyle improvements. For example, all of the foods that you have been unable to eat because of missing, broken or otherwise damaged teeth can all return to your menu when you have a properly installed set of dentures in your mouth. Dentures that adhere properly will allow you to chew apples, steak and a variety of other foods that you may have had to give up in the past. Your teeth should not prevent you from eating your favourite foods.

There are a number of lifestyle improvements to consider when choosing a set of dentures. When it comes to dentures Perth residents will find that they can smile more easily without worrying about self image. You should feel comfortable smiling all the time, so if you have dental issues, then dentures can be a truly viable alternative to more expensive treatments. If you feel that dentures might be the right course of action, then consult with your dental specialist or a dentures specialist for more information on the process and whether or not you qualify.

Morley Denture Professionals – Dentures Perth

Limo Hire Perth – Important Rental Etiquette

If you want to utilise a limo hire Perth for your wedding, there are some measures of etiquette you will be expected to employ.  Of course, you expect your limo driver to be courteous to you and your wedding guests, so is it only appropriate to suggest that you would be expected to be courteous yourself.  This means the general abuse that occurs to other modes of public transportation simply cannot occur inside your high class limousine.  If you decide to neglect the information offered here, you will be expected to pay the high cost of replacements.  After all, limousine companies have a reputation to uphold and they will not rent out a dirty or damaged vehicle.

A limo is a costly vehicle which is part of where the cost of renting one comes from.  The shining exteriors draw the gaze of other drivers on the road and the lavish interior gives you the chance to relax in a comfortable environment while being transported to your next event of the day.  When you find a limo for hire in Perth, even though the vehicle does not belong to you, you should treat it with the same care and respect you would of your own property.  If this was the mindset of everyone riding in public transportation, there would never be cigarette holes, scratch marks, or graffiti.

Of course, there are some instances where an accident many occur.  After all, you could be drinking champagne and beer in your limo in Perth or dining on bite size hors d’ oeuvres and find that you have spilled some.  While you should take care not to let this happen, it may happen nonetheless.  In this case, you may be charged a little extra at the conclusion of the limo hire Perth simply to cover the cost of cleaning.

Some limousines have televisions, CD players, radios, fridges and more.  These should not be tampered with if you do not want to be charged for damaging them.  Also, the climate control unit should be set to the temperature you desire and then left alone.  There is no need to fiddle around with the features other than making them ideal for you.  Also, along with treating the limo well, consider the chauffeur as your driver and nothing more.  He is not your servant simply because you are paying him.  With this etiquette in mind, everyone will have a pleasant experience when you find a limo hire Perth.

All of the above points are obvious and are followed by 99.99% of the population, but it’s something that should be mentioned as there are some people who can’t tell the difference and do not value other people’s property.

For Perth Limo Hire.  You can take a look at some options for weddings and other events.

Hearing Aids Choices in Perth

Hearing is one of our senses that we just take for granted. Also, when our hearing starts to go a bit we ignore it, or don’t notice it till too late. Truth of the nature is as soon as we start to lose our hearing, we need to see a specialist who can address this for us. Hearing Aids in Perth can be purchased through a professional audiologist. There are some different options when it comes to how you purchase your hearing devise.

A consultation with an Audiologist will tell you pretty quickly if your hearing is on the way. Investing in a good quality hearing aid will not only help you hear, but help you address the problem and reduce the side effects of hearing loss.

Hearing aids these days are very small, and when I say small, I mean tiny, so you don’t even notice them at all. For instance the Widex, ReSound and Oticon all produce hearing aids that are only slightly bigger than a 10 cent piece and weighing only a few grams, so you won’t even notice that it’s there.

You will also find that most people won’t even notice you have a hearing aid these days.

Hearing Aids Perth

Each hearing aid has to be configured to the customer’s ear as a different level will need to be applied to optimum results.

Some hearing aids will even synchronise and speak to each other, so your hearing something on the left side and it’s sent to your right side.

For a consultation about hearing aids available in Perth, Vivid Hearing is a great option. Located in Cottesloe it’s pretty easy to get to the clinic of Stirling Highway.

A series of test is available to suit your age and requirements.

Vivid Hearing – Hearing Aids Perth