Hiring a limousine for a special occasion, when condutcing business, or while travelling presents a great opportunity to travel in comfort style, adds a sophisticated touch to your interaxtions with others, and makes special occasions more memorable.

However, there are many options to consider when hiring a limo, and it often depends on the purpose for hiring it. For this reason, here are some tips on choosing the right type of limo for your specific requirements.

When Getting Married

The use of a limousine to transport a bride and groom while once utilized as a status symbol to increase the prestige of a wedding, is now a necessity for marriage ceremonies. Choosing the right limo at this special time in your life should depend on the style of the wedding itself as well as your own preferences and requirements.

For traditional weddings, a Rolls Royce makes a suitable choice. This is an elegant model that can go a long way in reflecting the formality of the occasion. Aside from the Rolls Royce, a Jaguar is also a classic option worthy of consideration. A convertible Jaguar model offers you the chance to take some beautiful photos of the happy couple while in the car.

If you are travelling between locations with a larger group or if you have less traditional tastes then why not think about the Chrysler 300c Stretch, which can sit up to 11 important wedding participants? It has the added benefit of being conservative during the day and transforming at night time with TV screens and a light show – a great way to celebrate the start of your new life with your significant other.

Corporate Functions

Utilizing the impact of a limo can help you to make a powerful impression on those you interact with in your corporate life. The comfort and convenience of a limo makes welcoming and entertaining important clients that much more worthwhile.

For meeting of large numbers of individuals, the Chrysler 300c Stretch is a worthy choice. You will surely appreciate the impression made of using a limo, being able to talk business while being transported, and if appropriate, showing your clients a fun and memorable time using the modern features of this limo.

When traveling in smaller groups the style of a Rolls Royce is also worth considering.

School Balls

Hiring a limo is a great way to make your school ball memorable and exciting. A limo can not only make sure you get transported to the appropriate location, it also makes a great impression on your date and will certainly make your school friends jealous. It’s also fun, which should be a priority if you are celebrating finishing your schooling.

Assuming you plan on traveling to the ball with several friends, the Chrysler 300c limo is the one to choose. With smoke machines and laser shows, it’s difficult not to have fun in this car. A fitting way to celebrate something as important as your school ball and a milestone in your life.

perth chrysler limos
Chrysler Limo at a Wedding

Photo: Perth Photography

Airport Pickup

Why choose a limo to pick you up from the airport? Holidays and business trips can be stressful to organise so commit yourself to a trouble-free and relaxing start to your travel plans. Forget about queuing for impersonal taxis or jam-packed buses, and instead enjoy the personalised service, on-time pickup, and luxurious travel conditions that a limo can provide.

When traveling in small groups you could consider the sophistication offered by a Rolls Royce. If you are traveling in a larger group or have entertainment requirements while transporting then the Chrysler 300c Stretch might be right up your alley.


In summation, hiring a limo is a great way to make special occasion more memorable, and add a sense of sophistication to your business and personal life. You should now have a sense of which type of limo you wish to hire for your needs.