Difference between Civil and Criminal Lawyers

We all must have come across lawyers in the need of the hour at a time in life. Lawyers are experts who have full valuable knowledge and are ready to help you in your worst conditions. They involve wholly in resolving your issue in a timely and effective manner.

There are two kinds of lawyers in Perth: Civil and criminal lawyers.

If you have been arrested by the police or received a Prosecution Notice or Summons to appear before the Magistrates’ Court, a criminal lawyer in Perth will be able to deal with you. The types of crimes that come under this is Restraining Orders, Burglary, Theft, Assault, Threatening Behaviour, Move-On notices, Indecent Assault, Murder and Armed Robbery, traffic offences, etc. The criminal lawyers have various ways of handling their cases. Some of the lawyers initially would give you advice through telephonic conversations. If that does not fulfil your conditions, further steps of appointments are taken. Convenient dates are fixed so that the person does not get disturbed with their offices. The lawyers then keep a follow up of your case and dedicate their time and efforts in your best interest.

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Civil lawyers, on the other hand, handle different types of cases. These involve dispute with neighbour, disputes between buyer and seller, customer and supplier, employees and employers and the likes of them. These lawyers help in the following manner:

  • They provide necessary skills and experience essential to protect your interests.
  • They determine whether your case requires negotiations.
  • They provide you with courtroom expertise and experience.
  • They thoroughly analyze all the aspects of your case before taking any action or determining where to settle.
  • They always make sure to follow all the guidelines of the court.
  • They advice you whether or not to settle your case out of court.
  • They also help you organize your documents for evidence.
  • They represent you during hearings, arbitration, mediation, motions, and at trial.

Both criminal and civil lawyers handle different types of cases. While civil lawyers handle cases of real estate, business torts, business litigation, tax, copyright issues, trademarks etc. the criminal lawyers handle severe cases like possession of prohibited drugs, drink driving or driving under suspicion, firearms offences/criminal damage, burglary, robbery, stealing, murder, child pornography, sexual penetration without consent or any indecent assault. As different are the cases, both the types of lawyers handle them in their own way according to the concerned individual and case.