How to Stop Hoarding

Hoarding is defined as the tenacious and repeated difficulty in discarding or parting away with possessions, in the thought that they might be of some use in future although they have no value. Hoarding becomes a disorder as people have trouble throwing things away and therefore make a mess in their house. The items that are most commonly hoarded are magazines, newspapers, paper and plastic bags, cardboard boxes, photographs, household supplies, food, and clothing. Every person who collects things randomly knows that there is a thin line between curating an assemblage of treasures and hoarding them.

In order to stop hoarding, first of all you should make your mind do the same with confidence and will. You should have a spirit of cleaning the clutter of your house. Here are some points you that will help you in disposing of the trash.


  • Start slow: Do not dispose of everything you see in haste. You should keep a note of the things that are lying down useless since a very long time.
  • Timely survey: You should weekly check your trash bags and empty them as you can throw away more trash as you find it.
  • Kitchen utilities: If an item in the kitchen is filthy, it can cause serious health hazards. Therefore, dispose of the clutter as soon as possible.
  • Eliminate paper and plastic: You need not worry about all the things in the world. Papers are readily recycled, and plastic ones can be donated to farmers and flea markets (or even animal shelters) for re-use.
  • Beauty products: Either uses your half-bottles first and then open the seal of the new ones or do not buy new ones unless your old cosmetics are finished.
  • Emotional drama: Some people have an intense emotional attachment to objects that others see as trivial — or even trash. They’d feel a sense of major loss if they had to throw this stuff away.
  • Don’t plan for the future: The assumption that this item may be of use someday creates the maximum number of hoardings in a house. Keep away from this.

Hoarding, apart from making the house unclean, can cause anger, resentment, and depression among family members and it can affect the social development of children.

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