List of gardening plants suiting your house

Gardening plants are mainly included as the most important part of landscaping. Some of these plants are being planted for beautification while others are being planted for gaining food, shelter and other related beneficial purposes.

What are the different categories of gardening plants?



  • Perennial plants: these plants are regarded as the best garden plants that can increase the overall aesthetic beauty and grace of your gardens. It has been noticed that landscaping eagle bay includes these kinds of beautiful gardening plants. Some plants of this category include dense mounds, purple coneflower, miss manners, and little bunny, lady’s mantle, Zagreb, Carl forester and others.
  • Shading plants: These kinds of plats are also quite useful and they are mainly planted both for beautification of the garden are and for shading the gardens from the string UV rays.
  • Summer-blooming plants: There are certain designer flower plants that maintain the beautification of your garden throughout the summer season. Some of them include Bleeding hearts, peony, Oriental poppy, early roses, beebalm, dailylilies, snakeroot, hollyhock, asters, globe thistle, Japanese iris, tigerlilies, lateilies, daylilies and many more.
  • Container-gardening flowers: These flowers can enhance the décor and beautification value of the gardening landscape and they comprise of great scents, colors, and beauty. They are usually found to be planted at porch, patio, deck, or balcony. Sweet pea, bleeding heart, coneflowers, morning glory, marigold, dusty miller and many more are some of the samples. In this case, special containers or clay or plastics are being used.
  • Vegetation plants: vegetation plants are now quite common and thus you can also plant the same in order to have different kinds of seasonal fresh vegetables that are quite good for health. Some of them are broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, beans, lettuce, onions, peppers, tomatoes and others.
  • Foliage plants: These plants are mostly planted for empty corners and they cater a great look to your garden during the frosty weathers.
  • Butterfly attracting plants: These gardening plants are regarded as one of the most decorative and beautiful plants of the garden and they are having the capability of attracting colorful butterflies. Some examples are butterfly bush, clove pink, cornflower, lupine, lavender foss flower and others.
  • Beautiful shrubs: These plants are highly useful in attracting beautiful birds especially hummingbirds. They also cater good amount of shelter. The landscapers Yallingup suggest their clients to have the planting these shrubs.