As we all are well aware of the fact of the intense hot temperatures of summer. Without air conditioning, life will turn out to be miserable in summers. Hence arises, the need for proper air conditioning. If routine service does proper maintenance of air conditioners then, our air conditioner will be able to bear the hot summers for a longer period. Other than that a lot of money will be charged for the repair of air conditioners when it breaks down in intense heat of the summers. Thus, it is wise to go for routine service than sudden costly repairs.

Nowadays, air conditioners are considered as prime home appliance like other mandatory home appliances. It is developed in such a way that it can withstand the heat waves of hot summers and still can keep running even in that state. But since it is also a machine like any other machines, it needs regular service and maintenance to work properly for a longer duration of time.


If the work of maintenance is not done at a regular rate then, air conditioning device loses its efficiency by approx 5% per year. The only way to prevent this is proper maintenance by the Perth electricians on a regular basis which can reclaim the lost of efficiency and also the appliance can run for a longer duration of time. Perth electricians provide regular maintenance that can help maintain the efficiency up to 9.5%. Once your air conditioner is installed by the Air-Con Installation Perth, and begins to perform well with its yearly tune-ups, then you will surely realize that the overall costs are recovered by saving on lesser repairs and also reduced electricity bills. Also, a regularly serviced and maintained air conditioner will help you in desiccating the humid environment within your house.

Air Conditioning Installation Perth deal with the service and maintenance units of the air conditioners and along with that provide special offers when the summer season is at peak. Also, annual programs for service of air conditioners are provided by them. Reminders are made by them about the next service date so that one cannot miss the service date because of the hectic schedule.

The service and maintenance task of air conditioners include cleaning of the condensing units of the coils, oiling of fan motors, checking the compressors amp draw, checking the level of coolant in the air conditioners along with making sure whether the bells are well adjusted or not.

The timely maintenance is the key for you to enjoy fresh and cool air in hot and humid summers without any problem, at complete ease.