Someone has well said that-

“The job of gardening requires a lot of water, out of which most of the part is in the form of perspiration.”

This statement gives an idea about two most important contexts related to the job of gardening. The first one is that gardening requires a lot of hard work and patience. The second point reveals the importance of water in the development of a healthy and beautiful garden.


Water is of prime importance for all the plants growth. They absorb water through the leaves and then release that water through the leaves in the atmosphere. The schedule of watering of plants is weather and climate dependent. The best-considered time for watering of plants is either early morning or that of night because this gives time to the leaves to dry up in the hot temperatures. During these hours of the day, the temperature is comparatively low. Also winds are less intense, which reduce the evaporation rate.

Plants need to be watered at least after 4 to 5 days. If somehow soil dries out at a very quick rate then the container should be placed above the bed of small rocks having water level up to half level so as to provide the plants with necessary humidity and moisture.

Margaret river landscapes suggest that the water should not be splashed directly on the flowers and soft hairy leaves. This can destroy the look of plant and shedding of leaves and flowers of the plants.

Large plants planted in small pots require frequent watering of the plants. Margaret river landscaping team mostly use drip irrigation method for providing water to the plants. This is because drip irrigation system of watering the plants, applies water only where it is required and also reduce loss of water through evaporation. An additional benefit lies in the fact that this system of watering, do not moisten the space between the rows thus giving a chance for the weeds to grow in that space. The Margaret river landscape team, suggest the use of mulches freely in the garden. This is because the mulch prevents water loss due to evaporation, blocks the growth of weeds and also keeps the soil cool. Excessive watering of plants is harmful to it growth. Margaret river landscaping team saves the excessively watered plants by removing the soil ball from the plant, keeping the plant inside it, use a water absorbent towel to soak the excessive water, waits for the soil ball to dry up, and then pot that plant in fresh compost. Over application of water damages, the plant severely causing root rot or various fungal diseases. Thus for proper irrigation system take suggestions of landscapers for a healthy garden.