Advantages of Online Counselling

Online counseling or E-Counseling is a boon for those have time constraints or physical or geographical compulsions and find it difficult to arrange a face-face-to counseling sessions. The advanced technology and the access to video-conferencing software, the process of online counseling has become an easy, viable, cost effective option for any individuals and couples.

The process of Online counseling or e-counseling is gaining popularity for those who have hectic travel or work schedules but are inclined to take benefit from counseling sessions, but due to physical disability or sickness, or those who stay in remote rural areas or in a foreign country or just feel at ease staying in the cozy confines of their home. In case of a minor seeking counseling a parental consent is mandatory to participate in online counseling. The age of consent differs according to the location of the counselor providing service. Take a look around and you will find a good Family counsellor Bunbury and other places as well.


To avail services of an online counselor you need a computer or a laptop with a high speed internet connection, and with a built in or attached camera and microphone, and you just need to download the video software used by the counselor of your choice, who will provide you with a valid ID Name for the session to enable you to get connected with them.

It is imperative that you analyze and evaluate your online counselor prior to selecting one and ensure that they have sound credibility, reputation and a proven track record, with right academic background, immense experience and the kind of counseling they undertake to provide. Once you are all set to fix a counselor, you may seek and appointment with them at mutually convenient time and be informed that your counselor may be located in a different time zone and you may need to confirm and make adjustments.

It is advisable to hold your counseling sessions in a private and quite environment, with absolutely no interruptions, and you may switch off your phones, TV, and you may request others in the house to respect your privacy and not disturb you during the session.

For legal and insurance regulations the counseling sessions may be deemed to take place in the legal jurisdiction of the counselor and he or she should provide you with a written consent form which you will duly sign to initiate process, and will clearly stipulate the relevant terms and conditions and guidelines regarding the same.

It is possibility that you may have no access to face-to face counseling in your area or perhaps the counseling needed to match your requirements is not available near your home , this is where online counseling comes to your rescue by offering wide range of options related to different kinds of counselors .You may be considering to avail services of an counselor but you are not comfortable with someone in town or city you live in, or perhaps an online counselor was suggested to you by a close friend ,acquaintance or a family member. Online counseling is designed just like face-to face counseling, but gives you the option to be more flexible.

Given the flexibility the online counseling with a good psychotherapist bunbury it is the most viable option to seek counseling of your choice.