Bunbury Termite Control

Termites thrive on cellulose base plant materials. These are found in dead plants and trees as well as in dry wood and soil. They can cause severe damage to household furniture, shelves, books and living tree trunks. As termites are a constant threat to houses small steps can be taken in the prevention and effective treatment of termites.

Simple steps for termites control in houses

  • Moisture must be eliminated by repairing leaking water pipes, diverting water from the foundation, keeping gutters clean, clearing stagnant water and sealing entry points in pipes.
  • Food Sources of termites┬ámust be removed by getting rid of debris near the house, by checking wood fences of damage, keeping paper and firewood away from the foundation and preventing wood products from touching the soil.
  • Look for termite warning signs by watching a swarm of winged insects on the soil or in the home, wood that sounds hollow, fine mud tubes on walls or wooden beams any cracked bubbling paint.

A pair of hands holding a small house.  Real estate or insurance concept.Methods of termite treatment

  • Termite Control is done in areas before starting a building. This is called pre-construction treatment and is done with liquid termiticides. Pre-construction treatment is also done by building barriers in the soil. These barriers are made of gravel, sand, mesh, wire or plastic. Bait stations are stalled on the soil to conduct pre-construction termite control. It is commonly done as post construction treatment that is after the building is made.
  • Complete termite treatments is preventive treatment done for the whole house. Spot treatment is done in areas that are attacked by termites. Partial treatment involves the treatment of just a part of the house
  • The simplest solution to eliminate termites is to replace the damaged wood.

Termite control companies are professionals who use tools to make an inspection and identify the type of termite that has invaded the house. They can also suggest ways and means to prevent termite problems in future.

Termites work deep within the structure of the building and cause more harms to houses in Australia than fire and storm. Termite Control Bunbury is a reputable termite control agency in Bunbury to fight with termites.

Termite control Bunbury is a work of trained professionals. They do pre-construction treatment as well as post- construction treatment of residential and commercial buildings.

The Control methods used by pest control Bunbury include chemical treatments, physical barriers, baiting programs and monitoring programs to give long term protection.