Busselton & Dunsborough Garden Design

The perfect gardens are those that provide you with fresh and healthier environment with the air one can fall in love with. Also they have to be eye – catchy as well to make people enjoy the beauty of it as well. The way towards plants and the entire area should be made simple in order to make people go simpler and relax. Here are certain steps to watch out for garden designing:


  • Wide ways: make sure of keeping the pathways neat and wide in order to make people move easily. It should be wide enough to allow atleast two to three people to walk simultaneously. Don’t put tall boundaries as it hinders the space. Main thoroughfares should be atleast 6 metres while the secondary paths should be atleast 4 metres.
  • Steps: steps should not be more than 6 inches otherwise it will be difficult for people to enjoy and rather than relaxing, they will feel more tired. Landings should be equally deep as that of the stairs.
  • Elbow rooms: decks are the most favoured spots for outdoor handouts. Enough elbow rooms should be made available in order to facilitate a relaxed outing to the visitors. Arrange proper furniture so as to offer a great dining experience to the people.
  • Surfaces: avoid getting wobbly surfaces. The surface should be such as to give the visitors a secure and relaxed walk. Avoid using polished granite as it might get damaged easily during rains. Restraint water from getting pooled on them.
  • Headroom: proper headroom should be constructed and they should be as such that people would not end up hitting their heads on it, on the other hand it should be safe enough to protect people at the time of rains or to take support.
  • Flowers: flowers are the greatest attraction for the people so arrange nice lovely flowers, also of good smell so that people feel fresh. Include bark, foliage and fruits in the gardens for their eternal form, color and texture.
  • Planting: there should be enough space for plants to grow. There are certain plants which remove other plants when they mature. One can also use filler plants because of their features like they do not live for long and they grow quickly. Therefore for temporary purpose, they are the best as they can be planted again.

Dunsborough & Busselton Garden Design is located in the South West of WA and services Dunsborough, Busselton, Yallingup and surrounding areas. Our services include landscape design, property management and maintenance, reticulation and water wise watering systems.